Is this a good roulette strategy?

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  1. Albert

    Albert Banned

    Bet 3 units on 1-18 and 2 units on 3rd 12.

    1 unit profit 81% of the time (if the ball lands on any number other than 0 or 19-24)

    Continue betting like this until the ball lands of 0 or 19-24.

    Then, start a new Labouchere line of 2 2 2.

    Complete the line by betting on colours and re-start until all money has been lost

    or desired profit has been made.
  2. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Hi Albert! :smile: Thank you for your post. I have move it to this room.
    As you had it posted in freebees room.

    I don't have a clue about Roulette. But I do not believe in strategies.
    Simply, play cuz you like the game.

    There isn't a single line treu out there, that you can beat casinos.
    This is what I believe.

    Lets ask our members what they think:smile:
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