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  1. Zagora

    Zagora Member

    Visit Jackpot Capital Casino website today only, find the black cat, and receive a $20 N/D bonus. Good Luck all!

    Friday 13th $20 Non Deposit "Black Cat" Bonus

    Get your FREE BONUS this Black Friday at Jackpot Capital! Simply spot the Black Cat crawling across our website on this Friday 13th and we give you a FREE $20 no deposit bonus!

    Yes it’s true, visit our website Home - Welcome to Jackpot Capital Online Casino and spot this infamous creature, copy & send the link to support@jackpotcapital.com and we give you a $20 NO DEPOSIT BONUS*

    *Please note:
    50 times wagering requirements
    Game play restricted to Real Series Video Slots ONLY!
    All other games excluded from play for this bonus!
    Maximum payout of any non-deposit bonus is 5 times the worth of bonus given,
    as stated in our Terms & Conditions
    Bonus promotion valid only for depositing customers
    Jackpot Capital Casino

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  2. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    What a great find Zagora

    USA players also welcome at Jackpot Capital Casino
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  3. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    Very Nice
    thanks alot for the great find
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  4. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    i seen the CAT is at Contact us Page:socool:
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  5. palmck

    palmck Active Member

    too bad i can't play there, don't know why my account is lock........try to contact them many times but won't reply back to me, so i give up...waited too long.:sad:
  6. timmsa

    timmsa Member

    Thought I would let everyone know that i read on another forum that in order to get the 20 free you have to be a depositor.
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  7. nada333

    nada333 Banned

    Yes, if you read the post for this you would see clearly stated in the T&Cs that the bonus is for depositing players. Thanks for your input.
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  8. BruceJ

    BruceJ New Member

    Is there any way you could post with the sites if they are USA legal? Maybe a little flag with or without it being crossed out? TY
  9. nada333

    nada333 Banned

    For the most part we have gotten pretty good about saying if Usa players are welcome or not. I will talk with admin about maybe setting up seperate thread with USA welcome. I live in the USA also so i know what you mean..Thanks for your input.
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  10. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    USA passed the bill about online gambling in 2006
    most casinos already state in their terms if they not accept USA
    some casino also already have a "No USA" sign on their homepage
    We do understand that it is very hard for players residing in the USA
    to find out where they may still play,
    We try to add to our posts if they may play or not, as good as possible,
    Its also really hard for us to keep up, this is why we not adding it to subject or adding flags
    Things change to many times.


    Thank you BruceJ
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  11. irishgilly

    irishgilly New Member

    Well I recieved this e-mail and I tried to collect the "free" $20- I was refused as I had not yet made a deposit- did this happen to any one else? I thought this was truly cheezy, since it wasn't mentioned on their web site or in the e-mail. Sounded like a Valentines day gift didn't it? I mean am I wrong here in thinking this? Please let me knowif this happened to any of you, and let me know how you feel about it wether it happened to you or not, cause I want to know if I am wrong in being so very insulted! Thanks Ev1!:sad::confused::confused::confused:
  12. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    Bonus promotion valid only for depositing customers
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  13. tinonaama

    tinonaama Member

    I did not get the no deposit bonus even though I've deposited more than enough... well to make things worse I made a deposit of 20 dollars to Jackpot Capital and cashed out 340 dollars :(

    and yes I tried to redeem it in time.

  14. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    sorry that you did not get the free bonus tinonaama
    but hey, congrats on your cashout! :ny2:

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