Jackpot Crown™ Online Video Slot from Novomatic

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    Go for glorious winnings and hit the Jackpot playing Jackpot Crown™ from Novomatic.

    Players from all over the world are captured with this online video slot. At first glance many players will think it is a typical Slotmachine. Yes, it may seem basic at first,
    but the royal twist to it is there is a huge JACKPOT that can be hit and you could walk away with an incredible, hefty bankroll. Novomatic has taken one of their very basic
    slots and made it into something special. Great spinning action and a chance to hit a Jackpot. Novomatic is known for their Online Video Slots to include fruit and various symbols.
    Regular players are comfortable with the format and continue to play them online. For all new players to Novomatic VideoSlots, you'll be right at home after a few spins and will find
    yourself hooked with these types of online slotmachines. Jackpot Crown™ is quite vibrant in graphics with the illuminated crown and stunning sounds. It makes a player feel as
    if they are sitting in real time. Even though there is nothing in the form of free spins or bonus rounds, Jackpot Crown™ has the chance for a player to hit it big time.


    Why do players play this slot game? Well, it is only a 5 payline slot, that has 5 reels spread out amongst 3 rows. Doesn't seem like a lot of playing action, but the hits do come.
    I find that playing 2,50 a bet gives me the biggest payout and players can increase or decrease there amount with ease.


    Novomatic has a game interface that is very easy for the online player to understand. Just looking at the screen, you'll be able to easily understand the how to play the slot with the amount of your bet,
    the number of lines played and all other information needed. Novomatic puts it right out there and you can view the paytable in one easy click, put it on Autoplay or even hit the Gamble button.
    The Gamble button will allow you to take a chance when you receive a win. Take a "gamble" with your winnings to increase the amount or collect your current win. I usually take the win.

    With Jackpot Crown™, all winning combinations pay left to right. The only exception to this rule are the Star Scatter symbols.
    They can payout anywhere on the reels when you receive 3 or more. There are no wild symbols or bonus features offered.
    Winning symbols include Jackpot Crown, Watermelon, Grapes, Scatter Symbols, Plums, Oranges, Lemons and Cherries.


    The amount of the Jackpot that could be hit will vary dependent on the size of your bet. The smaller bet will have a smaller Jackpot winning. The larger your bet, will have a larger Jackpot.
    In order to hit the Jackpot that is displayed on the upper right of your screen, players must receive 5 illuminated Crowns on a winning payline. This is the highest payout on this game.
    No matter your bet size, could you imagine hitting the Jackpot. It would be such a Crowning to all the spinning you've done.

    It's time for you to log in to Stargames Casino and claim your Jackpot Crown™.
    Each and every player has a chance to be crowned.
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    The Novomatic Video Slot Jackpot Crown is now available to play online at StarGames.com !

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