Jackpot Factory group...your chance at some free $$

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  1. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    This is an awesome group of casino's

    Did you know that if you have loyalty points sitting in all your accounts,
    you can request to have them combined to give you enough to play?

    Email or go to live chat and request for them to be combined.

    State each of your accounts and they should accomadate you.

    here is the listing of the group

    All Slots Casino
    All Jackpots Casino
    First Web Casino
    Wild Jack Casino
    Hope many of you can take advantage of this​
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  2. andi99

    andi99 Active Member

    I did this through live chat, no problems!
    Give it a go!
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  3. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    woow thats awesom Kotsy!!
    Thanks a lot
    :thank you:​
  4. mulle22

    mulle22 Member

    you are very lucky to get to livechat, i have been trying for two days and the mails dont get answer. i just hate not to get any respond, its not good customer service, i dont know what to do. any ide? mulle22:sad::sad::sad::sad::sad:
  5. mulle22

    mulle22 Member

    finnaly, i got to livechat, he said(SAM) that it takes up to 12 hours to combined my accounts. mulle22:confused:
  6. Molodia

    Molodia Active Member

    Hi Mulle.

    With Any good promotion livechat in all casinoes get busy when all their customers want in on it, so good promo = Patients ;) got to give them enough time to serve all :apple:
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  7. mulle22

    mulle22 Member

    you are totally right, but it took two days to get in, but i do understand, and the livechat worked today so i am pleased. mulle22:cool:
  8. Molodia

    Molodia Active Member

    Glad it worked for ya ;)
  9. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    thanks for your nice advice molodia :thank you:
    yup we all have to keep in mind the support staff at casinos is many times really busy
    and also many times some technical issues can happen
    patience and stay friendly is the key, lol

    glad it worked then for you mulle
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  10. ruey93

    ruey93 Active Member


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  11. crystal8323

    crystal8323 Well-Known Member

    I got straight into live chat and they told me up to 12 hours too. I'ts been about 3 hours, still waiting but I'll post back when I get credited.:cool:
  12. crystal8323

    crystal8323 Well-Known Member

    I received my loyalty points!:cool:

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