July Promotions at NastyDuck...Freerolls and more!

Discussion in 'Best Poker Promotions!' started by NastyDuck, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. NastyDuck

    NastyDuck New Member

    Hi everyone, ready for NastyDucks July Promotions
    Please use the following link to support this forum;
    Open-Account - Nastyduck

    Sick Hands Freeroll – Players who get a bad beat get entry into a Sick hands 100€ Freeroll.
    Got a Nastyduck bad beat experience to tell from our cash tables? Or did you hit your two-outer?
    The best 10 Sick Hand stories we get, we will place your story on our Sick Hand Page and you will receive entry into our Sick Hands 100€ Freeroll on August 3rd ( maximum 10 players)!

    Sponsorship - The first 10 NastyDuck players who earn 5000 VIP will receive a sponsorship at Nastyduck.

    Happy Hour - Happy Hour at 8 PM Every Night; Players can win NastyDuck TShirts, 50€, 100€ and 200€ buy-in tickets to the 100000€ Guaranteed Tournament, 100€ Freerolls, and more!

    Forum Contest - Video 100€ Freeroll – see contest category in these forums.

    Deposit Bonus - 110% deposit bonus.

    Win An iPod - Any player who gets Poker with 4 deuces at any cash table will win an Ipod Nanu.

    Country Vs Country Games: We are pitting country against country in our NastyDuck Championship 1. All games are free. 24 countrys, 36 games in one round, the players of the country that is the last one standing wins a freeroll!
    Come and join the fun and good luck at the tables

    Visit NastyDuck Poker!
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  2. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Hey NastyDuck
    nice to see you
    thank you so much for posting your great new promos!
  3. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    thank you very muchs for this awesome promotions!
  4. willyoumind

    willyoumind New Member

    WoW, this promotion is simply awesome and is just like a irresistible temptation to me here.

    All the free prices and bonuses will become the greatest weapons for attracting more players to the site.

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