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  1. crystal8323

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    I can't remember if this is a casino that you recommend but I have had a terrible experience. I received an email with a free chip code. I redeemed it and met the playthrough and cashed out the max amount of $100.00. I have sent in all my documents and was told by casino support that all my docs were received. I requested the withdrawal on 9/17 and sent my docs the same day. I have not gotten any response from the casino yet. I have contacted them numerous times since and I keep getting " your withdrawal is still pending " and has not been processed. I finally called their 24/7 number and still got the same response. I asked to speak to the manager and she said that the manager was not available to talk via phone, only email. I don't know what is up with this casino? I am a depositing casino player and was going to deposit at this casino after winning on the free chip but I have never in my life of online gaming ran into this problem. I will not deposit at a casino if it takes 2 weeks and still no response on my withdrawal. :sad::hitme:
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  2. Ellis

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    OMG Crystall, Im very sorry for your bad experience .
    Yup I receive these emails all the time and delete them immediately.
    And you are right, There isnt a thing we can do.
    Its blacklisted by lots of gaming sites.
    Please Avoid them!
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  3. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry you have to go through this dear!

    Well, it is not getting better at this casino,
    everyone better stay far away from them, not even play their free chips, saves ya much headache.
  4. petie55

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    In november last year i played on a free chip and cashedout for $200(the max back then). I never got any confirmation in the email on the withdrawal so i reversed it and then cashedout for $150. Still no confirmation from them on the withdrawal so in february 2010, the cashier section shows my withdrawal declined. I then sent in my docs and put in for $150 withdrawal. After numerous times on live chat and the phone I gave up on ever getting anything from them. Then, 6 months later, out of the blue, I get an email from them saying they sent a moneygram for $100. It had the confirmation number and the person it was coming from in Israel. So, I went to a Walmart near me and collected. I was glad to get the $100, even though I requested $150.:smile:

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