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Discussion in 'Good News - Bad News!' started by Ardilla, Jun 24, 2010.

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  1. Ardilla

    Ardilla Well-Known Member

    Hello :)

    I just sit here and wait a freebie tourn to start at a MG casino and I recognize anything strange....the last weeks nearly everday I get the pop ups with the support chat for remembering me to deposit.....Could a reason be that the US players are blocked now?

    I am really bored about all this pop ups.....
  2. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    Yes i seen this also.
    Well you can also ask them friendly to not contact you again or somthing like that.
    Say that you dont like this.
    I dont think it has to do somthing with the US.
    Because playtech casinos are doing this always with me lol when i login....
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  3. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    I can say I completely hate that and its probably 1 of the reasons why I now am just a freebie hunter and wont deposit anymore :D

    With most playtechs I played at previously it was like mike says. I would log in, then there would usually be a chat rep messaging me instantly nagging at me to have some silly "just for you" signup bonus which usually is something along the lines of "500% bonus, with 60x WR" (they must of thought I was born yesterday.

    It also made me wonder either they have 100's and 100's of support staff (unlikely) or barely any people were playing there and they had nothing to do thus there would be barely any money in the pot to win (I see gambling exactly as a slot/fruit machine in a pub... if lots of people are playing it and losing money, you can go on it and have a great chance to win, if nobody is playing on it then the chances are when you play it theres no money inside it for you to win)

    It does annoy me when online casinos nowadays are almost trying to take your wallet as soon as you walk in through the door. No friendly chat...just "hello, We want your cash, I'll direct you how to deposit via you debit card".... gone are the days when it was "hey there, we appreciate you joining our casino, just to say thanks, before your deposit we would like to give you 5 free spins on your new slot, you can keep what you win"

    Another annoyance is the amount of spam mails... I have a mail junk email which I have had for over 10 years... over 30,000 unread mails and 95% of them are from casinos, many I have never joined or heard of, and some put a different name on the email that isnt even my name.

    I think its time I gave up on MG freebie tourneys as well. The main disadvantage is people who are playing for free have very little chance of winning anything (probably a 1 in 2000 or more than that) because people with cash in their balance can simply rebuy and continue playing after you have finished your play... A classic example was with a 4 day freebie I played, once it started nobody else could enter, The pot was $500, top prize was $250, then $75, then $50 and then lower amounts of course. I got a superb final win totalling over $150,000 (on "loaded) and was in 1st place. 3 days and 6 hours onwards when everyone would of played their complete "free" credits, I was still top. At the end of the tournament I finished near 30th and ended up with no prize.

    Its the unfair advantage since rebuys can be as little as a few $ so people will rebuy to make sure they win something which of course leaves the freebie potential future depositors with no chance. I have about 7 MG casinos installed and for the past 4 months I have played no less than 10-15 freerolls altogether per day... and never ever won a single thing... thats at least 1200 freerolls played in 4 months and nothing... :(
  4. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    I feel your frustration Sparkz. I am from the USA and things haven't been good for us.

    Keep in mind, it's a down time for many of the online Casinos as worldwide new rules
    and regulations are being implented each and every week. It's confusing for most of us.

    Marketing at the casinos have become an unprecedented overload for it's customers.

    I do believe in time, things will get back to how they use to be.

    That is my hope and wish. Have due patience.

    You are not alone in your thoughts.
  5. wyldgirl

    wyldgirl Active Member

    Don't put money on that losing bet Kotsy! I just closed every casino with the Casino US group. It started with every time I played I would get bumped with an error message every single time the slots would start to pay. So after numerous screenshots and a log of gaming history to coincide with the screenshots the matter was sent to tech. During this time i was asked to fund again to see if it was still happening and like an idiot i did.
    I got an email to uninstal all micros from my dos prompt and reinstall. So I did and the tech i hired found a corupted file in the casino US download.
    (i don't mess around in my dos prompt)
    Now not only was I not ever compensated for anything but then I was told that I would get a 100% bonus and free spins if I funded my Miami Paradise account. I did and then was told I was getting nothing as I had already gotten it on my aspinalls (which the person knew when they told me i would).
    Now I find out that Miami Paradise is not even a casino any more that it became Crazy vegas A long time ago.
    I contacted support as i was really upset and this is what was said!

    Kevin: Welcome to the Casino Support Desk. How can I help you?
    Tina: Hi Kevin
    Kevin: Hi there Tina
    Tina: you can close every account I have with your group because i have been lied to for the last time
    Kevin: May I have your full names, date of birth, physical address, email address and telephone numbers please? I will need this information in order to proceed to assist you further.
    Tina: gave the info!
    Kevin: Thanks :)
    Kevin: It has been done :)
    Kevin: Is there anything else that I may assist you with?
    Tina: no thats it i cant believe i fund every week and got treated like i did
    Kevin: Well if you ever wish for the account to be re-opened please ask for me
    Tina: no when i deposit and dont get the bonus i was told then thats enough for me
    Kevin: It has been a pleasure to assist. Please do not hesitate to contact us again with any queries you may have. Enjoy the rest of your day.
    Tina: i just funded and got nothing

    this is when i noticed i had just been rudely hung up on!
    I have funded at this group every week since the switch and can not believe this person did not even bother to ask me why!

    USA players beware as i sense this Migration of USA is just to pull our money! Anybody winning lately? Are you even getting decent gameplay for your deposits??

    BP i know i probably was not suppose to post this chat but this time I fely it warranted the USa players seeing it! and i did write an email to management letting them know i am posting it everywhere i can!

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  6. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned


    It does seem many MG support staff member simply do not have a clue what they are talking about in all fairness.....

    I had a recent problem of incorrect info and the comunication problem between staff quite recently (over the past few days)

    As I mentioned about free spins at crazy vegas in another post... well the story behind that was I used to play there years and years ago, had sent in documents, got paid a few times.. then asked them to close my account because I didnt want to play there anymore...

    Anyways, fast forwards to the other day (just before I got these free spins) where I asked 1 of their support members to re-open my account... they were happy to

    Then i got the spins, played em, won, met wr and cashed out...

    earlier I tried to login to my account and it was sadly locked :O:O

    Anyways I got onto support who then claimed I had "self excluded" 2 years ago (wrong... I didnt self exclude I simply closed my account because I didnt want to play there anymore) and next to my account it says I can only re-open my account if I ask them via email to re-open it.

    Of course i sent the email and my account is now re-opened... but surely the original support member should of said the same thing and not just re-opened my account on the spot.
  7. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    Wow wyldgirl...unbelievable. Because of your circumstance,
    I will leave your chat intact. Something we need to look into.

    Rude support......nope!!!

    We'll follow up after the holiday weekend and try to figure
    out what's going on.

    Damn, I love my "micro" slots
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  8. wyldgirl

    wyldgirl Active Member

    Thanx Kotsy!
    Usually I remove all mention of the casino name and support persons name but this behavior was just so out there and from what I am reading across the net it is becoming the norm between the "Migrated Micro" Casinos and the USA Players.

    and if plugging this new site aint allowed edit my post but it isnt an affiliate casino site!
    If USA players want a place to go that gets real and uncensored and want to get involved in the political aspects of legalization of Online Gambling we could use your support at! Cuz it is time to revive a "hippie" way of thinking and take on the white house up close and personal!

    And if ya decide to leave this thanx Kotsy!! :eek:hyesss:
  9. wyldgirl

    wyldgirl Active Member

    Oh and Kotsy if you are curious i can send you the extensive error - history and screenshot work i did for their tech dept to know what they were dealing with. I think if you saw that and then saw the request from the casino for me to "Try" a time to play again (at my expense) to see if it was continuing you will see i am not exagerating one bit!
  10. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    had 1 today that made me lol at lucky nugget... it popped up n they said...

    You are now chatting with Saira

    Saira: A husband walks into the bedroom holding two aspirin and a glass of water.

    His wife asks, "What's that for?" WANT TO HEAR THE REST?

    This chat has timed out. Please close this window and re-connect with

    What the hell sorta thing was that?

    was the jokes answer gonna be something like "he bought it in for the woman because she had a headache because he wouldnt listen to her when she said to deposit $100 at lucky nugget casino" then were they gonna try n tell me "dont be like this man or woman... deposit $100 now and we will give you a bonus"
  11. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    and todays like chat popup:

    "You are now chatting with Saira

    Saira: How is a man like the weather? (want to know the rest?)

    This chat has timed out. Please close this window and re-connect with us by clicking on LIVE HELP "

    How do they think telling jokes they googled will get people to deposit? lol
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  12. Vicky

    Vicky Well-Known Member

    WOW Sparkz that is weird!:roflmao:
    Did ya ask for the punch lines?:roflmao:
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  13. Ardilla

    Ardilla Well-Known Member

    This sounds like a really bad joke......really unhappy to see this marketing things, this would make me happy to NOT deposit again...

    I got a pop up today that my telephone number must be number is correct, but after some million phonecalls I bought a new mobile card and they can speak now day and night on my mailbox.....this was getting really horrible...sometimes a day any nice calls about new bonus bla bla...

    I uninstalled today many casinos after seeing that they not send any email for my birthday some days ago....I thought about little free spins or anything but finally not an email for depositing players...
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  14. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    LOL, that is to funny Sparkz!
    BUT, ya never know, I was in my Jackpot City Casino Account playing a 35€ Hourly Freeroll, it was during the Fifa Worldcup, then the support chat popped up and asked if I would like to play the Worldcup Quiz, if I answer the question correct I get 10 free spins on Soccer Safari Slot. Well I did that, the question was easy! And about 15 minutes later I had my Free Spins.

    I am a depositor at Jackpot City Casino and Lucky Nugget Casino. Both part of the Belle Rock Gaming Group:

    Gaming Club Casino - Jackpot City Casino - Lucky Nugget Casino
    King Neptunes Casino - River Belle Casino

    No new players from USA accepted at Belle Rock Gaming Casinos and all other Microgaming Casinos, sorry guys, let's hope for a change soon.

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  15. pauld11

    pauld11 Active Member

    pop up chats


    If you don't want to deposit , just tell them not right now , thank you ,

    Yes this happens to me too. But

    1. Its nice to know that they are there if you need help

    2. This is what there job is , so if they try to help you , they are doing there job.

    3. some casino's you can't get help when you need it at all

    4. you should always ask them if there is a bonus today

    lots of times they will say , yes there is

    I like there pop up chat , just keep in mind there are there to help , and do there job

    :thank you:
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