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  1. Laamadeus

    Laamadeus Member

    Hello. Register now and get 1000 shares :) This site is gonna be something huge, if you register trough to my referral url, I get 3000 shares more and you get 1000. xxx<-- thats my url, read more on site, no fake, they dont get anything personal data, only name and email account. Plz thanks c ya:socool:

    Edit. No spam no spam :socool: honest site.
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  2. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Laamadeus, next time you wanna post something like this.
    Please ask Admin first ok, she or he will check it out.
    And aprove for posting..
    We have no problems with such post, but please ask ok.....
    Its beceause you are adorrible, I wont move the post ok....

    Have fun guys:kiss:

    Kotsy do you have place in your corner???:kiss::kiss:
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  3. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    no affiliate of referal links without asking us before.
    I will let it be for now, but please remember this for the next time

    btw, the site dont load throug your link here

    2nd, i do not trust such things you posted in any way.
    For me this sounds to good to be true.
    Be carful hon! :hugs:
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  4. Laamadeus

    Laamadeus Member

    Oh sorry bout that, I`ll remember not to post any referral never, before askin admin :) And the site doesn`t load cause there are huge traffic, refresh help :) That sound good, but I havent nothing to lose, cause it`s totally free, so I just wait if someday I`ll be rich :D or doenst :confused:
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