Member Ban Statement reg. PW sharing for our Doyles Freeroll

Discussion in 'The Poker Talk Corner' started by Dmoney644, Nov 2, 2008.

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  1. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    We at Bonus Paradise try our best to bring the best promotions to our members here at Bonus Paradise. We also try to reward our members here from time to time with free contests and slot and poker freerolls to show our appreciation for supporting our forum and sponsors.

    With this said, no matter how we try and protect our members and the free games we provide at times, there is always a few that spoil the games by sharing and stealing passwords. Alot of people come and join our forum just for the free things we offer such as our poker freerolls, then try to receive the password just to play with no intentions on trying to support or at least contribute to the discussions on our forum. The only time some of the people come around, is when the next freeroll is advertised on our forum or that specific pokersite. This is not fair for all of our loyal members who at least stop in from time to time and at least make a few posts a week, and follow our forum rules for qualifing to play in our tournaments. We used to never have rules for our games, and wish we didn't have to, but time and time again, we see people playing in our games and they are not even members of our forum.

    In todays game, there was at least 8 or 9 players which i will list below that did not get the password from our forum and 3 of those players cashed in our freeroll. This takes away from our loyal members pockets and also the forum's pocket when players who wasn't even a member here at Bonus Paradise cashed in our PRIVATE freeroll.

    The players that played in our freeroll today that did not receive the password from out Bonus Paradise Staff today are as follows:

    julionovio = cashed 2nd place for $32
    rustine095 = cashed 5th place for $12
    88loulou = cashed 10th place for $2
    trappiste = 13th no money
    01fortis= 14th no money
    monsterpoker = 23rd no money
    00ola = 24th no money
    fgov1971 = 27th no money
    splendid8 = no money

    Not only did 3 people cash and take $46 dollars out of our members pockets, But also, the ones who did not cash probably affected the game of our fellow members which may have costed them their chance in cashing in the money.

    The only way that these players could have recieved the password for this tournament, is that someone had to share the password with them. I can not find out how everyone of these players recieved the password, but i have found out 1 from our forum that had the password and shared it with julionovio. After doing some research with the internet and some names, i have found that the member volcanohut
    shared the password with julionovio and Bonus Paradise felt compelled to Ban volcanohut from our forum and future freerolls.

    We at bonus Paradise have decided to take a stand from these password hunters and thieves, and do whatever possible to keep this from happening again with our private freerolls.

    Not only sharing the password with other people is wrong, but there are poker forum websites sites out there that encourage stealing passwords from one forum and post them on their forum. This is completely wrong, and Bonus Paradise thinks these sites should be shut down entirely. Not only does it take away from our loyal members that do everything the right way to qualify to play our freerolls, but it also takes away from Our Bonus Paradise staff that work so hard to set these games up, and some we put our own money up for the prizepool, which takes out of our own pockets.

    One staff member came across a website that copied word for word my post of the Doyle's Room freeroll tournament info and posted it exactly on their forum in my own words. For those who did not know, Doing this is plagerism even online, and is against the law. So Bonus Paradise will be taking action to do whatever we can to have that website shutdown.

    Regretablly, Bonus Paradise will be coming out with new rules for our future freerolls and these rules WILL be enforced no exceptions anymore. Also, the rules will be stricter for now on as this will ensure the protection of our fellow forum members and our freerolls.

    Thanks to everyone that read this post, and if you have any questions contact Marina or I, Dmoney644, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our new freeroll policies.

    Just Another Reminder

    volcanohut has been banned from our forum for password sharing!
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  2. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you for the post Dmoney
    Yes its a shame that such things always happen.
    We will try what we can to prevent PW sharing and PW theft as much as possible.
    Really feel sorry for our loyal, active memers.
  3. Crazylady

    Crazylady Member

    Thanks guys, for taking a stand & fighting back! Good detective work Dmoney
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  4. Kondai

    Kondai Active Member

    Even I'm new here but I think this is a good way.
    - Less donk will join in because it easy to get password and nothing to lose
    - They should do something to get.
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  5. Mick114

    Mick114 Well-Known Member

    Sounds good.Glad you spotted the bad ones Dmoney and it's good to post the names.Password thieves are scum.......IMO.
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  6. PoolDemon

    PoolDemon New Member

    well that's a good policy, but by you concentrating on that I was penalized by making my inital 5 posts prior to the posted deadline for this tourny, but never received the password, so PW theives get in easily, someone taking the effort to make posts gets nothing.
  7. BigPotz

    BigPotz New Member

    I don't get to your forum very often but I felt compelled to read and reply to this post. I have seen password theft happen at every poker forum I belong to and think the greed in the poker world is completely disgusting. The Bonus Paradise members lost out on three of the top money spots due to some jerk who gave the passwords to players who he thought had the best chance of cashing and I'm sure he was compensated for doing it. This kind of greed makes me want to stop playing poker online. If it's not the poker rooms themselves stealing money from it's players, it's players stealing money from other players by any and all means available. I've seen everything from players begging me for money at the tables, "Who I don't even know," with sure promises to pay it back, to forum posts where they are begging for money. Do people have any morals at all in the poker world? I beginning to think not. I could go on and on about all the deception in the world of online poker but I'm sure most of you are already aware. Anyway, I'm glad to see that something has been done for the good of the Bonus Paradise members. Great Job!

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  8. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    I got your PM about you were thinking you will get the pass to your e-mail and missed it.
    Due we have sent it to members PM boxes.
    I did reply to your PM and hope now is all cleared and you will be playing in our future events.
    :thank you:
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  9. PoolDemon

    PoolDemon New Member

    Yes I did get your message, thank you, due to speed reading I thought it was checked off in my user cp to receive by email the notifications, obvioulsy I made a boo boo...sorry...

    yeah PW theives are everywhere, the most obvious ones are small posters (so yes you must inlcude me if you are looking into that) as they are more than likely there only for the PW...

    I won't be making a lot of posts, as I am mainly a member (& mod) on another forum, but always look around to see others & try & fit in a bit...
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  10. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the post bigpotz. Alot of forums in the online world also, do not care about the safety and concerns of their members like Bonus Paradise does. Most forums want as many new sign ups and new players as the can get, just to make a quick buck hopefully. I will tell you that Bonus Paradise, as you know, does make some money from new players signing up through our banners, but as you will also find, we give alot of money back to our members in many monthly contests and also occasional poker and slot freerolls.

    What i feel makes us different from the rest of the many forums out there is that Bonus Paradise see's theirselves as community 1st, and businessman 2nd. This means we being a community, we care about what we promote to our members, and will only promote the most trusted and most reliable casino, bingo, and poker rooms. We also like to try and keep our forum free and safe from other people trying to take advantage of our forum and members in a negative way, whether it be asking for money from others, trying to steal or share freeroll passwords, to even being down right rude to others. Once we get control over password sharing and stealing, our forum poker games will be even better. With solid members that see that if we care about who is trying to take advantage of all of us, then more than likely you most members will want it to remain that way, making for better poker games for all that does everything correctly, and contributes to the forum. If this means we may have less sign ups to our poker rooms, than so be it. That is not our 1st most concern.

    Pooldemon, I'm sorry you missed out on our game, due to some confusion, but be assured that as long as you remain active, you will surely receive passwords for future games. Also, just for a reminder, the passwords are always sent via "private message" in our forum.

    Our new rules for our poker games are strict, but any member can stay active in our eyes very easy. once becoming active, which is the harder part, being a member for at least 2 weeks before a game and having 20 posts as well, once this is done, then we keep an eye on our members and all we ask is for 2-3 quality posts a week to remain active. I don't think this asks to much. I also understand that sometimes peeople can be very busy in their lie and may not be around a while on the computer, and Staff will also consider such events when it arises.

    So with all of this said, i hope you guys understand Where Bonus Paradise Staff stands in regards to these matters. Hope to see you guys remain active, And see you at the tables soon.​
  11. azheater1

    azheater1 Member

    i am fairly new at the forum...have not received the password for the team league I signed up for at Third Bullet Poker for the buy-in or the freeroll. I also do not have a PM that contains it...can someone indicate to me how and when I might get it as the event is tomorrow and I see people already registered. I have also looked at our team room at Oasis where I am listed as a player and did not find it there either...any help appreciated...we need the points for the team

  12. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    I already replied to your 2 other posts on the forum regarding this
    Dmoney is on it and will let you know then

    Please do not post the same question all over the forum
    thanks for understanding
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