Microgaming -What would make it better?

Discussion in 'General Info about Internet Casinos' started by cocakolakid, Oct 4, 2009.

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  1. cocakolakid

    cocakolakid Member

    Microgaming -What would make it better?

    1 - Max. Bet Button - Purpose? So players could easily select to choose max. Bet? And what happens if a player accidentally clicks on it. Will the casino reverse the bet and give the player his/her money back? Of course not. I would consider this button to be a danger to the player - especially if the player is low in chips - this button is a death button. If a casino is truly looking out for the best interest of their players especially in the area of fair play why wouldn't the max.bet button come with a warning when clicked giving an option to continue or not or even better yet have the option to be able to toggle it off or on. With these options in place if the player chooses to continue or doesn't toggle it off - then if clicked - the player would be considered 100% responsible and liable for his/her decision.

    2 - Bonus Game - High/Low (Example) - Player needs pick whether the next card is higher or lower than the last card shown. Simple enough. When the player wins the total gets win added by trickling the coins into the balance. Clicking on the screen immediately displays the total balance. Here's my issue when a player is dealt an ace(highest card) or a deuce(lowest card) **note tie is considered a win, should this not be considered an automatic win? But it isn't. As a matter of fact in both cases with an ace the option to select high or with a deuce the option to select low is still available. Why? In hopes that the player would lose a hand that would be normally and should be considered a guaranteed win?

    Casinos need to make money to operate - it's a business. However I believe it should protect and be prepared to do what's best for its players especially in the area of fair play/gaming as these are the same players who support and fund their casinos' operation. It should not resort nor need to make extra $$$ from these players with such means as the ones I have stated above. Perhaps this a glitch and will be corrected. Perhaps MicgroGaming software operated casinos will address this issue to Microgaming. Perhaps players will see that the casinos are looking out for their best interest and will do what it takes to protect their players. Perhaps.

    Wishing everyone the best!
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  2. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    I think your post is not fair against microgaming, since I do know more casinos using another software having also a max bet button.

    Personally I have no problem with the max. bet button.
    It even happened to me that i clicked it by mistake and had a nice win on it.

    About the gamble/double up feature.
    Well I did play Video Poker many times in landbased casinos and it does work there exactly the same.

    Why should the software hide a button, A real machine in a landbased casino is also not hiding buttons, its just impossible, so why would we expect this then online?

    Of course the online casinos are there to make money, they run a business,
    there will always be more people loosing than winning, otherwise they would be bankrupt in no time.
    If we gamble then we have to know that they money we deposit can be lost.
    Sometimes, you are exact in the right time on the right slot or video poker or roulette table
    and you be the winner.
    Some days you just have a lucky streak and other days it dont matter what you try, you just can't hit anything.
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  3. cocakolakid

    cocakolakid Member

    Max.Bet Button - It's good that you have been lucky to have won by accidentally hitting the max. bet button. But what about those who haven't? Is it fair to the players to have such a feature that doesn't give them an option to at least give a warning before continuing? What I write is not necessarily to put microgaming down unless the intention of having the button there in the first place is to reel in extra cash from the players. I prefer to believe its an area that can be improved to better protect the player and the enjoyment of playing online.

    Bonus Game - If you are referring to the double up feature, this is not the game I was referring to. The bonus game is from playing Bomber Girls - And again, If there is no card lower than 2 and no card higher than an Ace - why even give the player an opportunity to select lower while a 2 is shown or higher when an Ace is shown when it's impossible to get such a card that doesn't exist? And should the player chooses (I would think it would have been either accidentally or because the player doesn't know how to play the game) it's obviously an automatic loss.

    And if you want to compare more about live(landbased) vs online gaming....

    Max. Button - Yes both online and landbased have them. However with the land based game it's an actual physical button that you would have to move your hand/finger away from the deal or bet button and physically push down on it to activate. Whereas a small movement to the left while clicking the same left click button and you have now just bet max. I will bet that the percentage of players accidentally hit that max.bet more often than they do on a landbased game.

    BlackJack - Have you ever accidentally clicked the 'Hit" or said "Hit" button when you wanted to stand especially when you are showing a 20? Playing with a live dealer, at least where I've played, the dealer would question me asking me, "Are you sure? You are showing a 20?" - Playing online - you get another card and chances are you bust. Please note many of the online casinos have now added/changed the software so that you do get warned for making questionable decisions. I haven't recently checked if microgaming is one of them.

    I'm not against the casino making money. You are right it's a business. But should they be able to continue capitalize on mistakes or errors? Or...would they opt to better themselves by minimizing what they can to eliminate what they can.

    Are you telling me, that the casinos would go bust if they were to remove or make max.button with an option to turn it off? That they need the extra money they save from not having to pay out bonuses because the player selected a card that doesn't even exist? If this is the case, I would really like know which casino has such ethics so I can stop playing there.

    Gambling is one thing. Fairplay is another. If I lose because I gambled - that's fine. If I lose because I was cheated - fine you got me. But if I tell you how I was cheated and yet you still want to continue cheating me...then forget it I'm done.
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  4. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    I understand your points, and I have to agree also on some things.
    Yes maybe they could at least make the max. bet button not so close to the spin button.

    I did not try this double up feature you mention, but I will check it out.

    Well, microgaming casinos do have now over 400 games,
    I dont think they can just upgrade them all.
    But maybe they could start to make some changes on the new games.

    Sorry, personally I dont play BlackJack online, but yes I know in a real casino the dealer would ask me if I am sure.

    I think you could send your feedback to some microgaming casinos.

    I will show this thread to some of my affiliate managers,
    maybe it can make a change, at least it cannot hurt.

    Thanks for your input.

    :thank you:
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  5. nada333

    nada333 Banned

    In the interest of offering another opinion, and please don't anyone take this personally, I have found over the 53 years of my life that if I don't like the rules of the game then I just don't play there anymore...:thank you:
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  6. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    Well said Desp.
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  7. cocakolakid

    cocakolakid Member

    Never said I never liked playing there. Quite the opposite actually - microgaming sites are my preferred choice.

    So if something doesn't work the way it should or a flaw has surfaced or an idea for improvement has been envisioned - nothing should be said? keep things as it is for it ain't broke? should this be the case then so be it...ignore whatever was previously read.

    I, however, perhaps in my nature as a troubleshooter, want things to be better, to be improved and in regards to the player - more fair and protected. I brought attention to certain points that I think is a flaw or could be improved upon. Perhaps there will be others who will see the same or a different one(s) that could be posted here in which other players could affirm or dismiss.

    I'm thankful to all the casino managers that I have received my message have replied informing me that they have verified my concerns and will bring it up with microgaming. Keep in mind, I have always found the support and management staff of these casinos to be nothing short of excellent and any concerns/issues I have made is directly to the software only.

    Is asking for change so wrong? It's because of change that we are able to play in the first place especially if you started 53 years ago.
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  8. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Desperado did not mean anything bad,
    he just posted his opinion, and you cocakolakid are posting yours.
    This is fine to me.

    There are diffrent types of people, thanks god
    it would be very boring if we are all the same.

    I agree , if noone ever says something,
    then there would be no change to good anywhere.

    I also do respect everyones own opinion.
    As said already, we are not all the same.
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  9. cocakolakid

    cocakolakid Member

    Marina - thank you and i do understand we all have our own opinions...

    actually i realized that the title of this thread maybe delivering the wrong message i had intended..would u be able to edit it for me? perhaps to Microgaming -What would make it better?

    as a newbie here i want to apologize if i had rubbed anyone the wrong way - it was never my intention to stir trouble - sorry.

    And as not allow any more speculation or assumptions I will be more direct in regards to this thread and it's purpose...

    For any issue regarding the software, there is very little that the support staff can do to fix or change things. I have sent a message to various casino managers in which i have come to know through playing to bring about the issues, concerns and improvements that I have come across. Now with the collaboration of the managers bring the matter to microgaming, I hope that it will be enough to merit efforts from microgaming to make improvements. As written in a previous posts there are hundreds of games. There is no way I have played or be able to experience everything that could possibly go wrong or flawed or improved. But with the thousands, hundred of thousands of players out there - I'm positive others may have notice something. And if you are one of those players, this is where to post it so the casino managers can test, verify and confirm your claim. And if found valid...let's bring it up to microgaming.

    I hope this has cleared things up....
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  10. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Many thanks cocakolakid
    I really like that you gave this thread a new title
    I edited it, and yes this fits much better

    :thank you:

    I appreciate your input and am sure the casino managers you adressed these issues do as well.

    :thank you:
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  11. nada333

    nada333 Banned

    hey cocakolakid; no offense taken and none meant...I read your posts with interest because you do bring a fresh perspective to things. I just happen to have a different perspective..neither is better or worse they are just different...keep on posting and I will keep on replying...It is our uniqueness that brings new insight to each of us...:thank you:
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  12. ojisplayin

    ojisplayin Well-Known Member

    Well I have something to say........
    I know, SHOCK huh?? :lmao: Hehe

    Hi ((Kid)) are you Aquarius?? :( jis wondering......

    I've always respected your "outside the box" thinking!!
    Obviously, BP appreciates your perspective as well.


    Just relax and be yourself.And Post! Post! Post! Otherwise,
    miss out playing in the Poker Club tournaments!!
    :catmoon:No other forum has more. Really!!!!!!!! :pumpkin:

    Love to see you try to win here with some junk-azz pocket 2's! <--LOL

    ((Marina)) for smilies this month! ​
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  13. cocakolakid

    cocakolakid Member

    Ojisplayin -
    1. It's nice to see a familiar name to hide behind
    2. Yes, I am an Aquarius
    3. Pocket 2s - too easy
    4. Win huge pot with 7 5 off suit - dat was the best

    Phewww! Glad to know I haven't outstayed my welcome...cheers to nice wins for all!
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