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Discussion in 'Good News - Bad News!' started by Sparkz, Jul 15, 2010.

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  1. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    Just something I remember from a few months back. Maybe bring some caution to euro and pound moneybookers users

    At casinos since the visa card procesing problems came in place many were not accepting cards so I got a moneybookers account.

    The account is in USD (I think all moneybookers accounts are USD if im not mistaken?)

    I added my card to my moneybookers and they debited an amount out of my account and I have to put how much they took out to verify my card (in USD). Since im in the uk and have a £ bank account I was expecting for it to show the amount in the description.... but nope.

    I had to use a currency convertor to convert it to the right amount and put it in. Since at the time the exchange market was staying about even I got the amount right 1st time.

    After a while my card was cancelled by the bank. Abbey had changed into Santander bank and so they sent me a new card with santanders logo on which of course had a different expiry date.

    When I went into the bank they snapped up the card and disposed of it for me.

    Although my new card number was the same I had to register it as a new card in moneybookers

    I registered it and it said they had again taken some out and I had to input the amount taken once again (in USD)

    At that time the currency conversion market was becoming a lot more active so when I used the currency convertors the amounts were wrong and it said I had to get moneybookers to manually verify it.

    I sent moneybookers a scan of my card and my bank statement. They would not accept it though.

    When I asked why they said because my card number must be on my statement....

    Here in the UK bank statments do not contain your full card number (for fraud prevention I would expect) just the account number.

    I told moneybookers this and they just fobbed me off with some rubbish.

    In the end they stopped replying to my emails.

    Surely they could of seen the account number on my card matches the 1 which is on my bank statement.

    It was a big inconvenience and I never saw the few $'s they took from my account again :( (LOL)
  2. Vicky

    Vicky Well-Known Member

    OUCH Sparkz! I used to love Moneybookers when the USA could use it...Sorry for your problems. I wish I could say something to help:hitme:

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