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    Everyone enjoys learning about a few weird gambling facts every now and again (we know we do, at least).
    We have put together yet another blog post highlighting some weird, fun gambling facts for your reading pleasure.

    If you have ever wondered why there are no clocks in Las Vegas casinos or thought through any other strange gambling ponderings, then you have come to the right place.
    Take a look at the fun and sometimes downright strange gambling facts below for a little free entertainment.

    There Really Are No Clocks in Las Vegas Casinos

    If you decide to plan a visit to the famed city of Las Vegas for a few gambling nights out on the town, then you may want to pack your wrist watch. The majority of Las Vegas Casinos
    do not have clocks up on the walls - or anywhere for that matter. Why? Las Vegas casino owners wanted their visitors to feel a sense of freedom from the normal constraints of time and
    other aspects of life that can be stressful. In order to give their casinos a more surreal feel, most Las Vegas casino owners stopped hanging clocks.

    Did you realize so much thought went into the atmosphere of your casino? You might would be surprised at how thoughtfully planned out the environment is as a whole with the intention
    of enhancing your gambling experience - and of course, generating a larger income for the casino.

    Not All Gamblers Are Alike

    When you walk into a casino you may be under the impression that “a gambler is a gambler.” However, recent research indicates that there may be as many as six different categorizations of gamblers.
    These categories are discovered by polling the reasons people visit casinos. Can you find yourself in one of the categories below?

    • Professional gamblers hit the casino with the intention of providing themselves with income. To make a long story short,
      professional gamblers roll the dice for a living. They support themselves by consistently playing games they excel at.
    • Casual gamblers of the social variety. A casual gambler visits casinos or online gambling forums every now and again as a form of “good fun” and entertainment.
      He or she visits on a relatively infrequent basis and does not spend a great deal of money during the gambling process.
    • Serious gambler of the social variety. Serious gamblers enjoy gambling as a hobby and regularly play the casino or online games as a form of entertainment.
      Serious gamblers may play with a great deal of enthusiasm and passion since they are more “into” the sport.
    • Escaping gambler. An escaping gambler enjoys gambling as much as he or she enjoys time with friends or family; however,
      no integrity is compromised in other aspects of life. This kind of gambler considers gambling to be more than a hobby.
    • Compulsive gambler. These gamblers have an unhealthy obsession with gambling and often ignore other responsibilities in order to be at the casino or place bets.
    • Antisocial gambler. This is a gambler who partakes in illegal activities in order to cheat the casino or win big in an unfair fashion.

    If you find yourself in any of the last three categories, you may want to talk to a friend or family member about your unhealthy gambling habits.

    Poker Stats Will Blow Your Mind

    You probably knew that poker was pretty popular, but did you know it was this popular?
    • Over 40 million individuals play poker on a regular basis. Do the math - that’s quite a big number!
    • About half of those forty million are from the United States.
    • About 76% of poker players are men - but the fewer percentage of female poker players out there tend to be more passionate.
    • Fifteen million individuals gamble online, not counting those who gamble with “fake” money. This number continues to increase steadily.
    • About 60% of online players are under the age of 35. Each generation is adding more gamblers into the mix.
      As it turns out, most of the people who like to gamble via online gambling forums are relatively young individuals.

    For more information about gambling and other fun facts, keep an eye on our forum.
    We would be happy to help you get started and introduce you to the online community here at Bonus Paradise.
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  2. Ellis

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    Great article again Marina! OMG but no clocks in the Casinos?
    This would be very bad for me lol:D
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    Never realized there were no clocks in a Casino. Very interesting.

    The stats on Poker are amazing,
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  4. Marina

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    Actually I never ever looked for clocks at any landbased casino. Now thinking back, I notice that there were really sure no clocks.
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