NeoGames Provide Fully Managed White Label Services to Nordic Entertainment LTD

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    NeoGames Provide Fully Managed White Label Services to Nordic Entertainment LTD.
    NeoGames, the leader of online scratch cards, collaborate with Nordic Entertainment Ltd to
    create a fully managed online scratch card operation

    2009, August 17th: Today, NeoGames, global leaders and pioneers of online scratch cards,
    have announced the successful launch of two new online scratch card sites for Nordic
    Entertainment Ltd.

    Nordic Entertainment are provided with enhanced online scratch card offerings by
    NeoGames, for the two newly created and completely localized brands for the Norwegian market and for the
    Swedish local market.

    This partnership combines NeoGames’ successful experience as the leaders of the online
    scratch cards segment with Nordic Entertainment marketing expertise and understanding of
    the local markets. Both companies have the common vision to turn these online operations
    into local market leaders in the Nordic market.

    Michael Labrecque, CFO at NeoGames, states:
    “This partnership is a major milestone for NeoGames, as it will extend the venture of our
    online scratch cards in to the Nordic market. Working with Nordic Entertainment fulfills our
    strategy of finding local partners that understand the region in the best possible way and
    can harness our appealing games offering and expertise into significant success”

    Thomas Kalita, CEO Nordic Entertainment, stated:
    *“NeoGames’ white label solution was an easy choice for Nordic Entertainment and its
    partner (Betsson). NeoGames has not only excellent scratch card products and a really good
    technical solution that enhance the gaming environment, but are also very good at handling
    customer retention and taking care of everything important to*make a white label solution
    work really well”.

    About NeoGames:
    NeoGames is the pioneer and global leader of the online scratch card market.
    Holding an EU gaming license in Malta, NeoGames has been offering flexible solutions ranging
    from fully managed operations to customized integration of its scratch card offerings. Since
    its establishment in 2005, NeoGames has hosted the largest number of players worldwide
    with over 1 billion cards sold on the websites of its affiliates and partners.

    About Nordic Entertainment LTD:

    Nordic Entertainment Ltd is a marketing company specializing in online business with a
    particular focus on the online gambling industry. Nordic Entertainment’s success is based on
    the ability to attract many new customers at low cost and increase CLTV (customer life
    time value). *
    Nordic Entertainment owns the brands and and is responsible for concept and marketing to attract new customers.
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