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Discussion in 'Good News - Bad News!' started by Ellis, Jan 7, 2010.

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  1. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    We are very pleased to announced that 32Red has added a new feature, to
    their Casino. This new feature is just wonderful! Have you ever wanted to
    play on more then one casino game? Its possible!

    Players will now be able to play up to 5 games, at once. This is 5
    times more gaming pleasure!

    32Red Casino Bigger and Better
    32 Red Casino Group:

    32 Red Casino - Dash Casino - Nedplay Casino - Golden Lounge Casino
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  2. vacant1

    vacant1 Well-Known Member

    Can't stand the new lobby, the colours look dull and it is way huge. Hope they either fix this or do something to make it more pleasant on the eyes. Put it back the way it was 32... do you hear me dddoooooo iiiiitttttttttttt!!!!
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  3. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    I think this should be a player option not a formality of all Micros. Go Wild has converted to this as well, i think its mostly what all Micros will be like soon,

    And sounds like a good idea, but i tried it today, and it just wasn't great in my opinion, who the hell wants to play more than one slot at a time. Just 5 more times fater to lose your money, because the only feasible way to play more than one slot is to auto play it, if you are not in auto play mode, then you mind as well be playing 1 slot at a time.

    Doesn't make much since to me.
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  4. vacant1

    vacant1 Well-Known Member

    I haven't tried playing yet but have heard it has slowed the games down quite alot, some spins taking as long as 15 seconds.......
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  5. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    I told Marina yesterday.
    This 5 lobby thing is for nothing.

    i can understand for the players that play keno..... what takes 5 minutes per round lol
    but for playing slots, naaaaaaaaa.

    Second the money goes 5x faster lol
    i will never use it.
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  6. vacant1

    vacant1 Well-Known Member

    I completely agree only way i would ever play a second slot game is if i had so many free spins it was going to take a while to complete. Which we all know doesn't happen very often.
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  7. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Well I must say, if you are playing these free tournaments. And someone is banging
    on your door your can hit the auto play button:lmao::lmao::lmao:
  8. vacant1

    vacant1 Well-Known Member

    I opened and played a free tourny yesterday at dash casino 32reds sister site and the update hasn't kicked in there yet! Well atleast as of yesterday don't know about today.
  9. vacant1

    vacant1 Well-Known Member

    Looks to me like 32Red got their tech problems worked out, atleast on my end. Everything is finally running smoothly even though the same crappy lobby is there.
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