New Portuguese deals for The Poker Channel

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  1. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    MEO and ZON sign up

    The European dedicated gaming television network The Poker Channel has announced two new distribution agreements in Portuguese cable deals with MEO, the fastest growing operator in the country, and ZON, the largest digital network operator in the country. The Poker Channel will be available 24 hours a day to MEO’s basic subscribers from this week on channel number 77, and to ZON’s extended basic subscribers later in April, also on channel number 77.

    Programming highlights for the launch into Portugal include the Cash Game Master Class, the first ever ‘how to’ series for cash game poker; the Pokerheaven European Cash Game, a high stakes cash game featuring celebrated pros including World Series of Poker winner, Peter Eastgate; and action from the two most high-profile tournaments in the world, the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour.

    The launch follows a month after the Poker Channel expanded into Eastern Europe, launching in Poland with the Vectra Group (see previous InfoPowa report). The Poker Channel is now available on major cable and satellite platforms in 18 European markets.

    The Channel attracts close to one million unique viewers per month across Europe, with 65 percent of its viewers playing poker online every day.

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  2. Marina that's awsome!I am portuguese and i have MEO.I didn't lknew that we will have a poker channel in our country.I am glad for it.Thanks for the announcement
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  3. Kabuki19

    Kabuki19 Member

    Damn it im Portuguese but i dont have MEO, oh well i will continue to see poker on sic radical, fox eurospsort, espn classic or on the internet.....hmm problably this wont be bad after all lolol, but thanks for posting Marina i guess me and francisco are the only portuguese here on bonus paradise.
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  4. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    i wish i was a portuguese
    great country!!
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  5. Kabuki19

    Kabuki19 Member

    Mike great to hear you love my country, but probably you shouldnt wish to be portuguese lol, my country have serious problems.....just for a start the government, the taxes, criminality, poor justice etc.....
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  6. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    dont worry
    its everywhere the same problem lol.

  7. Arachnaphid

    Arachnaphid Active Member

    Great food though, I can't get enough of portuguese rice, mmmmmmmm.

    Also, you have great climate there, shame your not as good as England at Football lol.:beer:

    As for The Poker Channel, great news and I am pleased for any portuguese people who will benefit from this.
  8. Arachnaphid i don't agree with you.Portugal football team is better than england team.LOL.And our beer is stronger.English beer is for kids.eheheheheh
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  9. Arachnaphid

    Arachnaphid Active Member

    Your team is better at diving, i'll give you that *cough* ronaldo *cough* cheat.


    Our :beer: is great.
  10. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Na common guys, relax!!
    Lets drink a Portuguese and English beer OK...

    But our Heineken is the godfather of all beers.....:lmao:
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  11. Kabuki19

    Kabuki19 Member

    Besides the government Portugal Rules!!!, we have great football, great food, great beer and wine (and our wine is the best of the world), we have fado, no other country have it, we have beautiful women(much better that the english women)so.......WE RULE ehehehe

    PS:Só para tugas...Dá-lhe Francisco lol:socool:
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  12. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    I have to agree, those Portugese women are pretty damn HOT! hehe
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  13. jrba

    jrba New Member

    not know this girl, but all Portuguese girls are very pretty :ny2:
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