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    I'm a complete gambling novice. I periodically receive SPAM about trying online poker, or online casino games. I'm tempted. But, a friend of mine has said: "DON'T try it!!! As you live in the U.S.A., it's a crime, and a quite serious one. And, you're almost certain to be caught." Hopefully, you, and the other members of this forum can tell me whether this is true, and, advise me. (Incidentally, I wanted to ask this question at But, after I signed up for that site, when I tried to log in, using my correct Username and Password, I kept getting a message saying I couldn't be admitted, because I had omitted an "extension". The computer and operating system I was using wouldn't allow me to contact the forum administrator directly, and, when I tried contacting them [several times] indirectly, through the general customer service on the site, I received no reply. Does anyone here have any insight on this?)
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    Welcome to BonusParadise @NoSuckerBet
    I can not answer why other communities don't let you in and they don't answer you. Here we try to answer everyone and to help.
    About Gambling in the USA I am really not sure. I think some casinos are allowed and some not. I hope some US Players will answer you this question.
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    I believe it is safe to play at the sites that allow new US players to sign up and play. I play at a few of my favorites and live in US. (Intertops, Grande Vegas, Inetbet, Slots Capital) Just a few of favs. Easy to get started and all have good customer service and easy to cashout. Whatever your decision is whether to play or not, I wish you the best.

    P.S. Always read terms and conditions at each casino/poker room. ;)
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    Hi there!
    I am pretty sure that it is illegal to organize gambling and provide online gambling services in some of the US states, but you as a player should not be worried about that (ase you are not doing any of those) - the responsibility lies fully on the games organizer (i.e. they should be the ones taking care of whether you can access their website when you shouldn't be) or internet providers, who should be blocking such websites. If I am not mistaken this is the case in most European countries. But maybe check more carefully with the law just to make sure.
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    "Always read terms and conditions at each casino/poker room." - it`s try ))))

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