Next New Jersey Governor May be Online Gambling Proponent

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    Progress in the United States regarding legal online gambling is mostly seen on a state-by-state level, with less movement on a federal level. This fact was illustrated recently when Senator Ray Lesniak
    of New Jersey announced that he will not be seeking reelection in the state Senate and is intending to run for Governor in 2017 instead. Lesniak, who could possibly replace the current Governor,
    Chris Christie, has been a fierce proponent on internet gambling from the very start, and has been instrumental in pushing multiple laws in order to build the Garden State’s online gambling industry.

    Announcing his political intentions, Lesniak said this week: “I’m not running for reelection. I plan on running for governor. It has been a long time in the making, about a year. I just saw the problems of this
    state are not being addressed and I believe that I’m the best person that we can get in there and say what needs to get done and get it done.”

    Lesniak has earned a name for himself for championing the progress of online gambling in New Jersey, starting with the introduction of legislation in 2010. After a number of fault starts, Lesniak’s efforts
    finally paid off when his SB 1565 passed in 2013, following Governor Chris Christie’s final green light. New Jersey launched its online gambling market – currently the largest in the United States among the
    three states which have allowed igaming – in November 2013.

    New Jersey’s igaming laws require that established Atlantic City land casinos link up with well-reputed online gambling operators and apply together for license from state gambling authorities.
    Thanks to tough regulation combined with an open-minded policy, the fledgling industry has continued to make slow but steady gains, with the latest numbers showing a 30% rise year on year.

    Lesniak makes no secret of the fact that even after he becomes governor, he will continue his support of online gambling. “Being governor would certainly improve the weight of my positions on
    internet gambling and sports betting,” he said in a recent interview. “The reason I am seriously considering running for governor is that this state needs more effective leadership in all areas.
    Bringing in additional revenues is a big part of that, and I’ve made clear my belief that there’s money going outside the state for illegal offshore gambling that I want to bring back to the state.”
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