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Discussion in 'Good News - Bad News!' started by swissms, Mar 21, 2010.

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  1. swissms

    swissms New Member

    Well my daughter ended up getting an ewallet account to cash out to but now the casino is saying she cant cash out because there is an account that is linked to her address. She has lived there scince before the time they are saying the other persons account was opened and this is the first time she has had a computer or internet service.
    Does anyone know of anything she can do to get the casino to let her have her winnings?
    She won $400 at one casino and $50 at another, both rival casinos. The same ones that were telling her she had to have $2000 in deposits etc. to be referred for a quicktender account.
    I'm so upset, she was sooo excited that she had won and now neither of the casinos want to pay her. Well I'll tell you which ones it is, Simon Says and Slots Jackpot.
    Would really be greatful for any advice or help with this.
    Thank you very much
  2. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    The Rivals have a very strong database.

    It is likely someone registered an account and used
    her address; family member, friends....

    When the Rivals first came upon the scene, this
    happened to many people. I even had a problem.

    Registered at one with a specific user name and then at
    another with a different name. With the Rivals, all of the information
    has to be correct and accurate with no duplication ANYWHERE.

    I suggest to write a very detailed email and try to clarify where
    the duplication came from.
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  3. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Tell her to make an e-mail explaining the situation, since when she lives there and that she does not know that other person who opened an account.

    I am bit surprised that this would be only about same adress,
    there are many houses in this world where more people live! And besided that, people are moving!
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