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Discussion in 'Poker for Free!' started by Dmoney644, Jan 16, 2009.

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  1. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys, here is the current list of our OIFC teams.
    I will update this list as more register.​

    3rd Bullet Poker OIFC Team:

    Mick114 = Mick114XXX
    Kondai = KondaiBullet
    peteyweestro = Bigweestro
    azheater1 = azheater1
    Dmoney644 = BPDmoney644
    Pressurer = Pressurer
    vacant1 = vacant12
    Rock = RagsTRiches07
    Villarge = villarge

    Absolute Poker OIFC Team:

    Bad Boy = MR FRANK MO
    Kondai = Kanitchet
    skyjunky = SKYJUNKEZ
    Mick114 = MICK114
    Davy Jones = CIOTTI10
    allykat = Allykatx
    vacant1 = juicy69111
    queenmap = kicker2001
    Rock = RAGSTRICHES74
    tricks27 = Madgirl_UK

    {the above list has been sent Passwords for these games as well as Full Tilt Freeroll PW}

    Come on guys, out of over 100 different members that have played in our freerolls here at Bonus Paradise, we have managed to get 6 players for each OIFC team so far. Where is all of Bonus Paradise Poker Players at?

    If You just read this and want to play, register for our teams here:



    A Full Tilt $200 Freeroll is open to all members that join our OIFC teams !!!
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  2. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    Well we are almos there guys, at least 10 player minimum.
    We could use alot more players, so if you want to play, please sign up through the links above!​
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