Paradise 8 Treasure Hunt

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    I got an email from Paradise 8 and I copied this out of it
    This Contests sounds like FUN!

    Here's how the Treasure Hunts work:

    Each treasure hunt will begin with a special bonus
    to claim and a clue in the form of a riddle.
    The first clue will lead you
    in the right direction of where to find
    the next clue and so on.
    Certain requirements must be met in order to
    find these clues,
    once the requirements are met you
    will be emailed with the next clue.
    Within each clue will be information
    on how to unlock the next clue and then finally,
    in the last clue, how to find my hidden treasure!

    In coming months the hunts will become larger,
    the riddles tougher and the treasures
    I give away more fantastic,
    but for this month, let's keep it simple.

    How to begin:

    This month the hunt will last a week
    (Monday July 21st - Monday 28th).
    The treasure I will be giving away to any player
    who completes this hunt within the week is either
    $25, $50 or $75 in casino credits!
    To start the hunt please claim the Treasure Hunt -
    50% deposit match bonus in your casino cashier
    and make a deposit of $20 to $100!

    There are 4 clues in this hunt.
    One I will give you now, the other three
    will be hidden within the games of Paradise 8.
    I'll take it easy on you with this clue since this
    is your first time. Good luck and enjoy the
    very first Treasure Hunt Contest at Paradise 8!

    Clue #1

    To start things off and begin your quest
    for the hidden treasure, wager at least
    $50 on the game where cooking is Jacques pleasure!

    HINT - wager at least $50 or more on the slot
    which features a chef named Jacques to receive
    the next clue in your inbox!

    Be sure to keep checking your emails for the clues!
    You never know when you might find one!

    - The Treasure Keeper

    Contest ends July 28th 2008. -
    Contest can only be played once per player.
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