Paranormal Ways to Win Bets

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  1. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    If I were Doctor Who and could travel forward in time; if I could know which horse will win at the end of the race or where the roulette ball will drop when the wheel stops—bingo! I'll never lose a bet in my life. Is there really a way to know the future and win bets? Let's take a look.

    Psychic abilities

    If you have a friend or family member with psychic abilities, or you are psychic yourself, consider yourself lucky. Paranormal powers are subtle and metaphysical, so they are in direct conflict with everything material and physical. What this means is that you need to reduce the influence of physical factors in order to let your psychic side shine. Detach yourself from the world. Be oblivious to winning or losing and empty your mind of distracting thoughts. See what comes into your mind without being judgemental or biased. Do not play for real, just practice for some time and see how well you can predict the outcome of a race, roulette spin, or dice game.


    Astrology is especially popular among sports bettors. People who believe astrology can help them win bets draw astrological charts for the captains and major players of the most favourite teams. They match the names and dates of birth of these players with the movement of the stars, trying to determine how they will play on the date and time of the match. You can also use some online astrology sites to run a report on captains and players by entering their names and DOBs, and get a prediction on how lucky the match day will be for them, and for you.


    Alright, I know this is getting weird already, but there are people who claim spirits help them win bets. Communication with spirits is possible through meditation, mystics believe. If you have a friend or a helpful spirit on the 'other side', you can be tipped off about where to place your bets. Apart from spirits, there are other paranormal entities like ghosts, which can be controlled through painstaking efforts. Controlling and conversing with such paranormal beings is harder than most people think. It is often tricky to decipher what the paranormal entity is suggesting. However, if someone can conquer a spirit or a ghost, that person can become a very lucky gambler.


    People claim they were abducted by aliens who performed experiments on them. Aliens are supposed to advanced life-forms with extraordinary technological and psychic powers. If there are aliens among us, as movies like Men In Black would have us believe, they might already be frequenting casinos and winning. The famous yet obscure Roselli Brothers who pulled off the greatest gambling scam of all times might have been aliens; who knows?


    Who can forget Paul the Octopus, the animal oracle that was used to predict the outcome of 2010 World Cup Football matches? Paul was presented with food containers, each bearing the flag of a football team playing in an upcoming match. He predicted the results of 11 out of 13 fixtures accurately, striking a success rate of 85%. In 2011, a sheep in New Zealand became famous for correctly predicting Rugby World Cup results. Inspired by Paul's success, more than 10 animals including an otter, an elephant, a pig and a couple of cows were used for Euro 2012. Many people believe their pets are psychic and can talk to ghosts. It seems animals have a thing for sports betting too.

    The key to success with the paranormal is that the predictor should be as dissociated as possible from the outcome of the event they are predicting.
    Tainting the neutrality of the oracle can influence the accuracy of the prediction.
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  2. AfelG

    AfelG Member

    Totally agree.

    In general I believe to all these phenomenal powers you mentioned. And to understand this even better one should at least be in a suburbs of Asia (in particular China and Japan). On top of that I believe that the betting culture is far more developed in Asian countries when all of a sudden within 10 seconds you can see how 50 people unexpectedly get together because they saw 2 cocroaches running and you have to see how insanely they bet :D

    Unfortunately I cannot possibly comment on Dice or Card games but I personally witnessed a Roulette croupier who can stop the ball on any number she wants. She was trained for many-many years. She does not lift heavy stuff (more than 2 kilos) in life because it affects the performance of her hands abilities. :eek: It was really interesting to see and to know. But I believe only 2-3 people in the world may have that sort of abilities.

    By the way Roulette is also called the devil's game because if you add all the numbers on the plate it equals to 666
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  3. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    Wow, what an interesting fact.
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  4. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    YES, I did read that not so long ago, and I was like WOW!

    Now I know why I never won on the roulette tables, hehe :)

    Thanks for your post AfelG.
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  5. AnneBr

    AnneBr New Member

    Yes, indeed as also known the game of pure luck as it is hardly to beat the house edge, but still - just for fun and very seldom - i play it (also for free :). The various systems and strategies found also on the net - won't help. And then i have a very nice quotation for you - pals - "No one can possibly win at roulette unless he steals money from the table while the croupier isn't looking." — Albert Einstein
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  6. deemac80

    deemac80 Active Member

    I believe it is a matter of luck, right place right time kinda thing. I really wish I had some kind of powers, I would be at every horse race, sporting event and anything else you would have to be physic to get rich doing. Maybe we can all team up with some ghosts and get the wins ? :D
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  7. AnneBr

    AnneBr New Member

    I must say that i am proud of my level of intuition - the tricky thing is that even you know that you posses any of paranormal abilities( let say) - it is advisable not to use them in excess because won't always work
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