peoples views on these BB's?

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  1. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    Just wondering what everyone thinks about this.

    I do like the odd game of bingo now and then. Of course I like all the freebies but 1 thing that has come to mind recently is the annoyance of the "bbs" type signup bonuses.

    they are branded "no deposit" so instantly anyone assumes they are the stereotypical no deposits where you can win for real but too often the bbs are non cashable... meaning anything you win isnt yours (iv learnt the bad way, got several full houses and won excess amounts of £100 but then they told me it cant be cashed out)

    I see this as a bit of a poor thing for depositors at bingo websites that give thoese sorts of "no deposit" bonuses.

    Lets say a room is filled with many depositors and a few with these "no deposit" bbs. The depositors dont even win a line and all of the prize pot is won by new members using their free bbs.

    technically the whole prize fund has gone back to the bingo website. The depositors are out of pocket because they havent won and the winners wouldnt be able to cashout any winnings...

    what do you think? does that put you off depositing at bingo sites?
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  2. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Yeah I do understand Dear. But how else can you try out a bingo site?
    As you said already. Its most of the time a Trial bonus. This means simply that the
    bonus is to try out the site without sticking your own money ito it.
    You get to learn the bingo site, their cm's and the players that are around.
    And then its up to the player to deposit or not.

    For me personal, its not a big issue if I can or not can cash out on a free bonus. I mean for me its more
    worth if I had a great time and found a cool bingo site.
    I rather play with my own money without any hassle.

    So this does not put me off for depositing at a bingo site.

    But There are still lots of bingo sites where you can cashout from a bonus. But you have to
    make a deposit and wager deposit + bonus X times.
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  3. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    yea I agree there are still loads where you can cashout after meeting a WR (iv cashed out a few) but its the branding they use... many say "trial bonus" which is obvious. But a lot say "No deposit" bonus which to anyone would be something where you can win for real.

    Everyone knows what bingo games are like so often there many be no need to have a "free play" where you cant win
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  4. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Yes this is treu, There are so many bingo sites out there, and all have the same patterns.

    But do they have the same chat managers, the same players promotions, bingo games, the same bingo halls, etc etc. No.

    I would be pretty frustrated, if I just would have known what a stupid place it was before I made a deposit with my own hard earned money.

    And the "No deposit Bonus" is also used on casino bonus offers.
    And how many casinos do allow cashouts on a total free bonus? these days.
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  5. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    I dunno bout comparing it to "no deposits" at casinos,

    The thing with casino "no deposit" bonuses is they are in most cases what the name suggests. They are bonuses where you dont have to deposit but have a chance of trying the casino out and winning for real. Of course in a lot of cases you do have to make a minimum deposit after meeting the WR but then can cashout the lot no with problems (some nowadays dont even require the minimum deposit)

    Many bingo sites misuse the term "no deposit" bonus by making the player think they can win for real with it but it isnt until close inspection of the terms that you see any winnings from it is non cashable and will be removed when you deposit.

    I can recall 1 misleading instance where this happened. I had an email from a bingo site and it said something along the lines of "sign up today and you will recieve $10 no deposit bonus which you can play our bingo games with and if you win you can keep the winnings"

    So of course I signed up, got the $10 bonus. I played a fair bit of bingo with it, got my balance quite high ($100+) from bingo games. I then saw this money was in the "cash" part of my account and not bonus part. I emailed them asking about requesting a withdraw and thats where they told me "we are sorry but money credited when you signup is just trial money to test the bingo games and winnings cannot be withdrawn, upon making a deposit the amount will be removed from you account"

    Im not disagreeing that possibly for some there may be a need to test the bingo games, but its when things are put to be this misleading with "no deposit" and "win for free" branding theres a problem
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  6. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    OMG Yeah this is pretty frustrating Sweetie, and I would be very disappointed to.
    At what Bingo Site was this?

    Lots of sites like casinos where you have for example a free spin offer, it says you may keep your winnings! So if you can cashout only 50 or 100 its the same.

    Ok you can cashout, but you can't cashout All.

    A few years ago, I never read T&C. I was total new to the online gambling world.
    Now I know that reading T&C are so important.

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