Peter Eastgate Becomes The Youngest WSOP Main Event Winner.

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  1. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    A harmless 4 of clubs hits the board exploding the pot with raises that led to eventually Denmark's, Peter Eastgate and Russian Ivan Demidov to push all the chips in the middle. The 4 gave Ivan Demidov 2 pair with 4's and 2's while it gave Peter Eastgate The straight A-5, also known as "the wheel". The straight help up making 22 year old, Eastgate the youngest player to ever win the WSOP Main Event. Eastgate broke Phil Hellmuth's age record with the win, and also netting himself over $9 million for 1st place.
    Eastgate claims he never gave it much thought about breaking the record, He was just trying to focus on the game at hand.

    “I wasn’t thinking about the records or anything like that.
    I just was thinking about playing my game,” said Eastgate. “I spoke to (Hellmuth) yesterday.
    He wished me luck and gave me a handshake.”

    Guess we'll have to wait a year and see if Peter Eastgate is the next rising star,
    or if he will drop into the deep pool of everyday poker players that doesn't do much
    after winning such a big event. With $9 million in his wallet, I think we'll be seeing him for
    a while at the tables.
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  2. Arjonius

    Arjonius New Member

    It seems like he may not have that $9 million for very long. I saw somewhere - maybe on cardplayer? - that the Danish government is looking to collect two-third in taxes, even though Eastgate moved out of the country before his big score. $3 million is still a lot of money, of course, but...
  3. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    Wow, 2/3rds of the money? That seems like a ridiculous amount of tax for that. 66%? I completely agree that tax should be paid, but 66% is pretty ridiculous. I think 40% to maybe even 50% may be what would be the tax in the USA, and even then i think that still sucks. And you better know one thing, if i didn't live in the country anymore, they would not get a dime of it. I would have it in a place well hidden, not on the books, where the country i don't even live in anymore could seize it.​
  4. brianfisher

    brianfisher New Member

    My congratulations to Ivan Demidov who cane second!!!! Russians with you MAN!:socool:

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