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  1. wagon596

    wagon596 New Member

    Just wondering if you have picked up things that have helped you from tv poker shows and if so which ones(tv shows). I've gotton a few things that have helped me,,, mostly having to do with odds of something happening. By far Mike Sexton seems to give out the best info.

    take care
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  2. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    Yes i agree with you wagon. mike does a
    great job at breaking down every hand and explaining everything to the
    t.v. audience. I have picked up some things while watching these t.v. shows
    but truely, i thing experience reallly is the best teacher. For some it can be an
    expensive lesson lol​
  3. Bad Boy

    Bad Boy Member

    Watching games played on TV are fun to watch and maybe give you some in sight of strategy and odds. But this is a live game, which started as out with many people, that took days to get to the final table, took make a 1 hour show. These are pros, that have studied evry move you make, from the start of that game and many games before this one. That said, too many players, never think that way, or they don't realize that it took that long, or what work went into playing as pros, and they bring these plays to the online table games, playing these OMG hands, and you see them make comments, " I saw it on TV" or so and so played it, on TV. I have ben playing online for many years, and these plays are getting worse. It has caused a mockery of online poker, which in turn the online poker sites are allowing it to happen and most of us players know, it is to generate deposit money business. Yet it is causing good players to walk away from online poker.
    Now to live poker. I have played alot of and even the the private club games. I am seeing some people I know, that play online, that play some ding dong, donkey online poker, trying to play these crap hands, or trying to grind to the river. No talent, just sorry, pitiful, and pathetic plays and when a comment it made to them as why, oh, I saw it played on TV, and then get mad that they lost.
    I got a suggestion, if you want to play BS poker, go play at the play money level. Now, if you want to play for freeroll money, pennies, and dime levels, or anything envolving money or a prize, then play poker as if you are playing for millions of dollars, and you don't want to lose. Play as if you have some sense, that really care about the game, instead of crap house luck, I don't care, attitude.
    I do know a few, private poker games, that if you played with these, I done care, I hope I get luck, attitudes, where you win or not, you may just have a few bumps on your head, sometime after you leave the card room. It won't be for robbing you, it will be for your BS ways. In fact, I have seen some fights, over this, in some well known casinos. So it can happen any where.
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  4. Arjonius

    Arjonius New Member

    I watch poker on TV for enjoyment. It's not great for learning much since the shows are heavily edited so as to present the situations that will be of most interest / drama, often when the stacks have gotten short relative to the blinds. So applying what you see in other situations isn't likely to be optimal strategy.
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  5. HankyPanky

    HankyPanky New Member

    We all make a donkey call from time to time. That being said, there are a lot of donkeyish
    players out there because of TV poker. You are right that a players history at a table will
    determine how others play a hand with him or her. They edit out all that boring stuff.
    Also, a lot of people see someone at a three person table go all in with 10 queen off suit, or something similiar, and think it is a good move against a full table of nine or ten. Drives me nuts when an idiot sucks out on my A K suited with his crap cards. Of course I don't mind when I suck out. lol:icon1:
  6. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    Well i believe you are right there hankypanky, but another problem is that everyone plays cards thinking its such a great hand like KQ , KJ, A7, etc. while some are ok cards they are not the best just because they look good together.

    like for instance the AK, which is called Anna Kornakova{in case some don't know she's a tennis player}, She Looks good , but rarely wins! hehe

    Alot of hands are over played and over rated. Only experience can correct this problem.​
  7. wagon596

    wagon596 New Member

    I guees I need to make the point I was trying to get across was what I said, about the odds of something happening. Not what cards people were playing. I just don't want to sound like a dummy.LOL

    Things such as that there is only around a 33% chance of pairing one of your hole cards on the flop.
    that if your holding an ace the odds of someone else having one with nine players is,,,this one i'm not sure of ,, so I won't guess,,, that if your on the button and your holding a king and its folded around to you, your king is most likley got the best of two random cards of the blinds,,,,
    this the kind of info I was refering to.

    take care

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