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  1. Masida

    Masida Active Member

    Then I'll make a start for something what has earned me about $ 500 already and it only excists one month. It's called pimp-your-poker and the pokerroom it's played on is Bigdaddy's pokerroom and casino (Merge).

    The idea is that simple, why didn't anyone thought of it before?

    Pimp-your-poker is a sort of pokerforum that charges $ 10 every month and everyone that's a member gets a coupon to play pokerfreerolls at BigDaddy's pokerroom and Casino. There is about $ 20.000 freerollmoney per month!! No passwordthieves and only nice people to play poker with. And easy money!! It's worth a $ 10 investment for trying a month. I paid for a half year at once and I got the money back in just 1 day :nuts: So I'm freerolling until may 2009 :)

    To keep all the tournaments fair Pimp-Your-Poker works on a very simple point system. There are four levels and each level allows you entry into bigger free rolls. There is a detailed explanation below. You do not just earn points for the tournaments - you win real cash as well! At the begining of every month all members start with 75 points. Your total points are however accumulated and you will be able to see this on the leader board.

    How it works? In order to claim your points you must register for all games here at Pimp-Your-Poker. Once you have registered for the tournament you must open the Big Daddy Poker Client. Once you have registered as a paid up member you will be issued with a coupon for all tournaments up to $100. The coupon will be found in the Cashier/Coupons-tab in the poker client. This coupon will be called Pimp-Your-Blinds. Once you have earned 200 points your coupon will be upgraded to allow you entry for all tournaments up to $500.00. This coupon will be called Pimp-Your-Antes. Once you have earned 500 points your coupon will be upgraded to allow you entry for all tournaments up to $1000.00. This coupon will be called Pimp-Your-Stack. Once you have earned 750 points your coupon will be upgraded to allow you entry for all tournaments over $1000.00. This coupon will be called Pimp-Your Poker.

    When you get placed in a tourny you are awarded extra points equal to that of your $ winnings. It is easy. Certainly worth a try for just $ 10.

    C u around peeps. I'm MasidaCash over there, so if you see me, don't hesitate and give me your chips.
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    I play at Pimp-your-poker too. It is a great idea. In fact- MasidaCash - you have taken me out quite a few times. I play in six or seven tournaments there a week. I have seen it go from 25 players to 50 or 60. It is always fun and i actually took 2nd place last week and won 50.00. So I hope to see ya there!!:hugs: my username at pimp-your-poker is jekk68
  3. Masida

    Masida Active Member

    I told pimppomp I had won some cash with writing this review here and I could post the next offer for the bonusparadise members. GL all and see you at the tables.

    So just try it 1 week for free and if you like it, you can play whole month freerolls for just $ 10. What can you lose? :nuts:
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