pitbullcasino is safe?

Discussion in 'General Info about Internet Casinos' started by marcos34i, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. marcos34i

    marcos34i New Member

    I recently enrolled in PITBULLCASINO and I sent some emails
    informing some doubts and is completing 2 days and did not get response from the casino,

    i received $20 free and I won $100 in compliance with the requirements
    in terms and conditions says I should deposit $ 50 to be eligible for cashout

    I feel insecure in this deposit casino because they do not answer emails

    someone has good references on this casino?

    sorry my inglish is very bad, i speak portuguese and spanish

    :thank you:
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  2. nada333

    nada333 Banned

    Que passo, marcos? Pitbull is a well know and respected online casino..You might want to contact them via telephone if your emails don't seem to be getting through...Let us know if you are still having difficulties in a few more days and we will have one of our administrators contact their affiliate contact there...:thank you:
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  3. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Hello there marcos34i
    Pitbull has a good reputation, they do pay their winners.
    Sometimes e-mails don't go through,
    Like our Desperado already said, you might try to call them
    if you dont hear back soon, then please post your Pitbull username and we will try to get in touch for you.
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  4. marcos34i

    marcos34i New Member

    account cancelled

    my account was canceled for no reason
    I had reason to be suspicious of casino, when I try to log on show this message below:
    ???pt_BR.HTTP response code is 500???
    do not understand what that means more if I had made a deposit would have a lot of headaches,

    1: My emails went unanswered

    2:canceled my account and do not know why

    3:I was reading the Terms & Conditions and there is no restriction in relation to my country or anything else

    4:play in several casinos on the net and is the 1st time I am treated so badly:sad:
  5. marcos34i

    marcos34i New Member

    Re: account cancelled

    pitbullcasino.com is the casino
  6. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    please let us know your pitbull casino username and we will try to find out what is wrong.

    the error what you got, must not mean that they cancelled your account,
    it might be some technical issues on their side.

    and please do not make new threads again, you see I did merge your posts here,
    Just hit the reply button here in posts,
    and if you cannot find posts from you, you can easy check this out if you go to your profile page, just click on your name on the top of the forum and then click there on statistics-
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  7. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    I am sorry to tell that we just hear that the pitbull owners have been arrested
    and the casino and the pokerroom will be shut down,
    this might be why we all get this error if we try to login.

    I am sorry to not have better news for you.
    For now we have to close all threads and remove banners,
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  8. rossknol

    rossknol Banned

    It’s well known casino with good number deposits and guaranteed bonus returns. But looking at the experiences out here, I am pretty surprised to hear all this.

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