Playing Online Video Slots - Some basics to know

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    In today’s online gaming world there are a ton of ways to play your favorite slot games, either in your browser or in your downloaded casino client. With technology advancing more and more on a frequent basis, the slot game potential is also greatly increasing. There are more slots now than ever and the jackpot potential is just one of the reasons so many players love to spin the reels online.

    All you need to know is a few simple basics about the art of slot machines and then you’ll be ready to spin and win your way into hours of fun. The video slot game is a lot different than the classic reels for a few reasons and here I will point out just how to play and keep your bankroll alive as long as possible. There is no skill needed really so even if you are new to the world of online gambling, you too can get into the action in just a few short clicks.

    The video slot is set up different than the ordinary slot machine. Sure the concept of the game is still the same, to get the best pay-line combinations, however; with more pay-lines and bonus features it’s easier to win on a video slot rather than a classic slot, in my opinion anyway. The downside to having more pay-lines is just the betting. The bet size is usually higher than a classic reel as there are more pay-lines involved so it’s best to weigh your options before choosing a game.

    Once you place your initial bet, make sure to check the pay-table for all the relevant gaming information you may need as far as jackpot, bonuses and highest paying symbols. This will help you not only keep track but keep you engaged and alert should you happen to land a big win. Once the spin button is pressed the reels, up to 7 in some games, will spin and the outcome on the reels is revealed. The wins, if any are paid and players are free to spin again.

    If a bonus feature is triggered the player will then be taken to a second screen to play the feature out, and once finished all wins from feature are added to bankroll. Depending on the feature, which differ between games as well, the player may be engaged with an interactive second screen bonus or a free game feature; or a little of both. Like I previously mentioned, it all depends on the game.

    To keep your bankroll alive and well it’s best to start out with low bets and increase as you see fit. Most players online like to low roll or medium bet just for entertainment value, however; it’s nice to know that there are high stake options out there as well.

    For all the information you need about your favorite or new slot game it’s always best to check the pay-table. You will find all you need to know about video slot games and there are a ton to choose from, spin and win your way to a big jackpot or just spin for hours to keep yourself entertained, it’s all up to you.
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    Thank you for this article Marina! This is great for new players
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    Great article for newbies! :)
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