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Discussion in 'Lets Talk about gambling and more...' started by denamoutz, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. denamoutz

    denamoutz Member

    Hello Everyone!!! I had a question and was wondering if anyone had any input? Can online casinos change the percentage of payout on slots or games on each individual computer? Each computer has an IP address, and casinos know this, they can stop certain computers from logging in!!!! Soooooooooo, can the casino also allow certain computers, lets say 99.9% payout, and maybe other peoples computers who aren't high rollers, set theirs at 83.9% payout? I am just curious on this idea!! If anyone has any input please i would love to hear from you!!! Thanks:socool:
  2. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Interesting question,
    was thinking something like that myself already more times, especially if I am only loosing for a longer period.

    But my answer is no, I dont think they do that.

    I think sometimes you have a bad run, and mostly the bad runs last much longer than a lucky streak.
    Another thing what I can tell for sure is,
    if there are less people playing, then your chances to win are also lower.
    This is also so at landbased casinos, if a slot did not get enough money already you will mostly not hit anything on it.

    At time there are a few things which have effect that people dont play that much.
    It was summer, people go on vacation and spend in generell more time outside.
    We still have the credit crisis, many people did loose their jobs,
    so there is also less money around.

    Lets not forget all the bad press about online gambling, the law in the USA and other countries. The stories about confiscated poker winnings and so much more,
    some people are also scared a bit to play online.

    I think in such times its just harder to win, due the fact there are less people playing.

    I do believe that it starts to get better now again.

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  3. denamoutz

    denamoutz Member

    Thanks for input Marina, but i noticed that you said you don't think they do that!!! So there probably is a chance they do! Why wouldn't they? I have been playing at a certain casino for over 3 years, and i have never hit anything on my deposits, yet there are cetain players there that hit all the time, just find it odd i never win anything!!!! Why would they not put a higher roller on 99.9% payout, if they won lets say 3000.00 they are more than likely to keep playing it than cash it out! where as a low roller like me would cash out 500.00 in a heartbeat, so they would set me on a 83.33% payout so i would less likely cash out!!!! Makes sense to me right? If this is the case the casino would be able to get away with it!!! only reward the high roller!!! Just wondering, like i said i never win anything, so of course my head is coming up with all these ideas!! really starting to think about not gambling online anymore :sad:
  4. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    Great question denamoutz and great answer Marina.
    It's a question that has been circling around over the years
    on the internet.

    I have yet to read about anything being proven.

    I believe as an avid player, that some of the rogue casino's may
    do this. but, yet again no proof. I for one consistently play at a selected
    few and do cashout. These casino's I have been playing at for
    years and do not feel slighted in the least. I consider it hot and cold

    Would be interesting if you emailed that question to several casinos and posted
    their responses.
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  5. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, I think it could be done technically,
    but then on the other hand dear, IF the do that it would come out one day, be sure
    1 or another who has worked there would tell it maybe one day.
    I dont think a good casino is taking such a risk, the bad press would hurt them very.

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