Please post your bad beat stories here.

Discussion in 'The Poker Talk Corner' started by Arachnaphid, May 2, 2009.

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  1. Arachnaphid

    Arachnaphid Active Member

    Had a incredibly bad beat?

    Has someone sucked out on you really bad?

    Are steaming with tilt?

    Are you so annoyed about your hard luck that you just have to tell everyone?

    Well please post your bad beat stories here and get them off your chest and listen to some relaxing music. This is the music I normally listen to when playing poker Playlist - -Arachnaphid's playlist-


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  2. Arachnaphid

    Arachnaphid Active Member

    This is my one:

    TEXAS_HOLDEM, NO_LIMIT, P4-95070034-1
    played at "Arachnaphid's HE" for USD RM from 2009-04-29 11:47 until 2009-04-29 11:47

    Players Seat 4: Arachnaphid ($5 in chips)
    Seat 9: cct_93 ($5 in chips)
    Antes/Blinds Arachnaphid posts small blind ($0.05) I have [ AH,AC ], cct_93 posts big blind ($0.10).
    Pre-Flop Arachnaphid calls $0.05, cct_93 checks.
    Flop [ QH,8S,9C ]
    cct_93 checks, Arachnaphid bets $0.10, cct_93 calls $0.10.
    Turn [ QH,8S,9C,4H ]
    cct_93 checks, Arachnaphid checks.
    River [ QH,8S,9C,4H,6D ]
    cct_93 bets $0.40, Arachnaphid bets $0.80, cct_93 calls $0.40.
    Showdown Arachnaphid shows [ AH,AC ]
    cct_93 shows [ 4S,9H ]
    cct_93 wins $1.90.
    Summary Dealer: Arachnaphid
    Pot: $2, (including rake: $0.10)
    Arachnaphid, loses $1
    cct_93, bets $1, collects $1.90, net $0.90

    Then 2 hands later:

    TEXAS_HOLDEM, NO_LIMIT, P4-95070034-3
    played at "Arachnaphid's HE" for USD RM from 2009-04-29 11:47 until 2009-04-29 11:48

    Players Seat 4: Arachnaphid ($4.05 in chips)
    Seat 9: cct_93 ($5.85 in chips)
    Antes/Blinds Arachnaphid posts small blind ($0.05)[ AC,AS ] (Again) , cct_93 posts big blind ($0.10).
    Pre-Flop Arachnaphid calls $0.05, cct_93 checks.
    Flop [ 5C,JC,2D ]
    cct_93 checks, Arachnaphid bets $0.10, cct_93 bets $0.40, Arachnaphid bets $3.85 and is all-in, cct_93 calls $3.55.
    Turn [ 5C,JC,2D,8C ]

    River [ 5C,JC,2D,8C,4H ]

    Showdown Arachnaphid shows[ AC,AS ]
    cct_93 shows [ 5D,2H ]
    cct_93 wins $7.70.
    Summary Dealer: Arachnaphid
    Pot: $8.10, (including rake: $0.40)
    Arachnaphid, loses $4.05
    cct_93, bets $4.05, collects $7.70, net $3.65


  3. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Verry cool you started this topic Arachnaphid!
    Thanks a lot!:hugs:​
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  4. Arachnaphid

    Arachnaphid Active Member

    It's no problem,:beer:
  5. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    Hey Arachnaphid, thanks for the thread started on this, i have had many bad beatsfor sure, i'll post some of my own when i get the chance.

    I have learned that the more times you slow play a big hand the more times you get burnt. It seems to me in these 2 hands you were not very aggresive which aloud these other crap hands in the pot. I know what you were thinking, how can i get the maximum amount of money in the pot and trap these guys. I have done this many of times, and many times i always get burnt allowing crap hands into the pot. I finally realized that its better to win if only the blinds, then it is to lose any amount. So most of the time, i will raise a decent amount hoping to at least get a hand like 52 or 9 4 out of the pot.

    If you get called after raising big, you can be sure that player has some type of decent hand, so thats when you can really tell what they have post flop. or at least get an idea.

    if you bet big pre flop and bet big post flop, and a player is still in, you can be assure he either has a really good draw, or he has something decent. Sometimes you get fools that will call anything with anything, and there is not much you can do about it.
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  6. Arachnaphid

    Arachnaphid Active Member

    That's really true Dmoney.

    You can easily lose more than you win with these big hands like AK, AQ etc.

    For example you are dealt Ah Kh, and raise 3 times the big blind pre-flop either you scare away potential customers and just scoop up the blinds or you are called and head to the flop. Then say you get a flop like Ac 4h Ks. In this circumstance you are unlikely to get anymore money out of your opponent, as he would put you on something like AK or AQ.

    If you check the flop it will look strange after your raise pre-flop and he will presume you are trapping and the end outcome is that you give him a free card, which could be fatal if he called with something like a medium pair, for example a pair of 9's. If the turn card that you let him see for free is another 9, the trapper will become the trapped and you are basically screwed.

    If you bet the flop your opponent will most likely fold and you take down a half-decent pot, but not enough to cover the losses you will make if and opponent has hit trips, in these circumstances he may have called with two fours on the big blind.

    Another example of a flop is 2h 5c 4s and your opponent fires a bet of about 3/4 of the pot. He probably has either hit trips after calling with something like a low pocket pair or has a medium-high pair like a pair of 10's or 7's and has had a nice flop with no overcards on it. Then what do you have? Two over cards and a back-door flush draw. You couldn't really call or raise in this situation.

    If you re-raise him, you may show a lot of strength raising pre-flop and now re-raising you opponents bet and your opponent will definitely put you on something good. There is a chance that your opponent may fold with a hand like J J if he puts you on a pair of kings or aces, however if you re-raise and he has hit trips you have a really small chance of winning by outdrawing him and sucking out and even less chance that he will put down a hand like trips, infact it's nigh impossible for him to lay down three of a kind and even if you hit an ace or a heart on the turn your still major underdog, getting the runner runner cards is rare as pink dog-turds. So your opponent either shoves all his chips in the middle and you fold or calls your re-raise telling you where you are in this hand- nearly drawing dead.

    If you call and get another blank on the turn and your opponent fires another barrel (which he normally will do) you almost certainly have to fold. If you get lucky on the turn and hit an ace or a king- brilliant but there is still a chance your opponent has trips and you still won't be looking too good. However, you are more often than not going to miss completely on the turn, which means if your opponent has got trips you are most likely drawing dead, and the call is just a waste of chips. So re-raising is maybe not such a good move and calling with out the pot-odds of hitting your cards is stupid, the only option left is fold. Bah!

    Although overall, It's true that you generally will win more than you lose with hands like AK and AQ, but it's them cold-decks, bad beats and big losses with these type of hands that stick in the memory.

    In addition, I have generally found a lot of value with a hand like 7 2, especially in cash games.

    If you make the same raise as you did with Ah Kh in the previous hand with, lets say, 7s 2c. You either take the blinds which itself is a great outcome considering you had the worst staring hand in poker.


    You are called by a nice hand, like a premium pair or some other hand like AK, KQ, AQ, KJ, AJ etc. etc. (you get the idea) and you head to the flop. Now lets say the flop came down something like Ah Kh Jd. If a flop comes down like this you can cut your small losses at that point and abort the hand. You've missed completely and your opponent probably has a good hand.

    If however, if you hit two pair sevens and two's or trips on the flop and the other card is something like an ace or a king. Get in there! Your opponent will mostly have top pair and a nice kicker or some sort of high pair. This will work out almost perfectly for you if your opponent does like his hand, your opponent won't put you on your hand because of your pre-flop raise (unless you have been playing like a donk the chances you have raised with seven-deuce are slim) and you make a nice profit. This isn't the best outcome because if your opponent has something like QQ or JJ, they won't like the ace/king overcard and that may prevent you getting more chips than you usually would.

    If you hit a mediocre flop, like 7d Qh 4s, it may be worth a continuation bet to see where you are with your middle pair.

    I'll shut up now:apple:
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  7. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the post buddy, i know exactly what you are saying, there are so many different scenarios that can play out when playing poker.
  8. Kondai

    Kondai Active Member

    If you ask me 2-3 month ago I will come up with many of badbeats... because back at then I play really tight.... so when people got suckout with incredible card I feel really shit... but right now if you ask me I don't have any hand to share with you... it because lately I play "loose-aggressive/aggressive" sometimes "loose-aggressive/passive" ... so I suckouted many people who play tight... so it seem like common to me now.. unless it series of badbeat after badbeat after badbeat.. then I will feel really shit and very tilty...
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  9. Kondai

    Kondai Active Member

    I knew how u feel. I felt it before... back at that times this kind of suckout really hurt my limited bankroll.. but I think your play not aggressive enough.. yeah sometimes it right to slow play pocket AA.. let's say u are at the final table and every times one player limp usually 80-90% of times will be one guy who raise to steal blind.. I will slow play it from early position and reraise him later.. but in this case with many limper like this I will alway raise.. you need to think what hand will paid you if you slow play pocket aces.. pairs of 5? (no) pairs of K with 2 kicker? (no) pairs of K with Q kicker? (yes) .. so if you raise, the junk hand will fold and marginal hand will call .. you raise this for value to make the second best hand to call not the junk hand that need miracle to flop something big that suckout you later (he will fold anyway unless he hit something so you only get the blind.. and you can get this equal amount by raise preflop but by give them free change to caught up you.. you alway risk to lose your money.. marginal hand will call you anyway and that is the hand you want to come along.. you will have a better read because u can put the player who called into the smaller range of hand like A10+ KJ+ QJ+ 22+ not 5,2 the hand that will have shadow value when flop two pairs or wheel and and you think it non-theat with flop 3 4 6 or 5 2 J and you want to make a big pot for value as well as thin the field for better change to win)..
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  10. Arachnaphid

    Arachnaphid Active Member

    Thanks for the great advice Kondai

    :thank you:
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  11. Arachnaphid

    Arachnaphid Active Member

    EDIT: Sorry, for the dupe post, I thought that the previous post I made had failed for some reason, if you could delete this post please admin.
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  12. Arachnaphid

    Arachnaphid Active Member

    I think loose-agressive will make you loose money in the long run. Yes, you will get the occasional suck-out but the odds are going to me stacked heavily against you in most situations and probability doesn't lie. If you want to be the best poker player you can I advise that you try and alter your gameplay into a more tight-aggresive style.
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  13. Kondai

    Kondai Active Member

    Thank for the advise... and yeah I can play both of style tight/loose it depend on my mood at that times and how important of that session (Big Tourney/Big Cash game compare with my bankroll).. but unless you try, you will never know... from my experience (not much.. about close to 1 years now) the more you play loose game the more people hard to put you on the hand, and while combine it with aggressive .. it make you read opponent really better.. let say I play Headup game, the game which I make the most money right now.. I raise every hand on the button and 50-50 check/raise when I'm in BB regard less of hand .. even 72o I will raise on the button.. so after play a few hand tight player will fold when they in the SB cause he know I will raise and he can't call with junk cause most of 80% of time I will fire c-bet on the flop .. so when he call in the SB and have some time pause, I can really put him on the big hand he want to trap me cause I play aggressive... and I know that so I play by the flop.. if I have.. I bet.. If I don't have..I fold .. if I had monster,I put him all-in like I bluff.... and sometimes when I raise preflop on the button the tight guy reraise big back to me .. I really think he hold only marginal hand.. cause if he really has strong hand why he not just call and let me doing betting job like the better hand .. so I usually reraise back all-in if I had A8+ 88+ and he fold .. last time I had A9o .. tight guy reraise 6x of my raise back I think for awhile and reraise put him all-in .. he pause for a long .. so that a sign of weak cause If he really had strong hand he will instant called ... so he called turn A8 and lost....

    Well play loose/aggro will give you better read and control the table and usually tight guy will play you off, cause he think you bluff many many of pot ... and the winning poker make money by play post-flop poker not pre-flop... but any style had their edge so if you think TAG is good then stick with it.. but for me I love the action I love to be aggressive and I want to learn and try new thing.. If I bet here and raise like this will he fold?....:apple:

    Yeah right now if you ask me how well I do the cash game I will tell you it about -$1200 (-$300 from my first time play and the rest is because I move to play medium stake $1/$2 with $200 in front and lost it like 2 times).. but if you ask me about tournament I think it +$3400 all times.. included microgaming and someroom that not tracked by Sharkscope.. and I never losing when it come to tournament never be in the negative part of graph.

    Just my tip :
    Sometimes being fish is better.. by represent you are a fish (only small pot like 10-15BB in the pot) at early game is better ..blind is so low and you represent being fish while not lose so much chips .. it will make "good" (not donk) aggressive player will not bluff you cause he think you will call anyway .. so it mean you safe a lot of money and you can even bluff him later.. (for a big pot you should play by your hand)
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  14. Kondai

    Kondai Active Member

    Sorry for second post (it already passed 30min after first reply.. so I can't edit it anymore).

    Arachnaphid, if you want to beat a fish like me :D ... how about some small stake( maybe higher if you want, I can play $2 - $50) head-up match? I can play both of cash game and sit&go.. whatever you prefered.

    just contact me via pm or add my msn :beer:
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  15. Arachnaphid

    Arachnaphid Active Member

    That would be great. Sorry, but I play low stakes as I have a small bankroll so we could play a $1 heads-up at Bwin. Bring it on

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  16. Arachnaphid

    Arachnaphid Active Member

    Judging by this I think you are wrong in describing your play as loose-aggressive. Loose-aggressive players are players who are bored with roulette and constantly make wild raises, silly bluffs and over-bets. Loose-aggressive love action and in an MTT are the ones who go out first or race into a massive chip-lead after being super lucky and then losing all their chip lead and heading to the rail shortly after continuing to donk all their chips.

    What player I'd say you were is Super-aggressive. The main differences between a Super-aggressive (or SAG for short) is that SAGs look for favourable situations to bet, raise and ultimately push the table around. Also, SAGs come out to play more on the bubble instead of going on full tilt through the whole tournament like Loose-aggressive players do (although it's rare for a loose-aggressive player to reach the bubble anyway because they are just reckless gamblers).

    In addition SAGs go for the weaker players and tighter players, which I note that said that you like to bully the tight players, whereas loose-aggressive players just target everyone. I also am pretty convinced that you will always muck your hands, another main characteristic of a SAG. In fact, you hardly ever see the stronger SAGs' cards as they probably have normally either won the hand and fired enough barrels to make their opponents fold or folded before the river themselves after being sure they are behind, which is why you hardly ever SAGs' cards. This itself is another reason which separates SAGs from Loose-aggressive players, SAGs are capable of folding- it takes a 1% chance to convince a loose-aggressive player to call.

    As Super-aggressive players don’t do stupid, pointless calls, when you do see their cards it’s usually after they’ve called a big bet or re-raise when holding the best hand possible, for example hitting the nut-flush on the flop. This only goes to enhance a SAGs table image as it scare weaker players when they do bluff because the overly tight-players and fish will have doubt in their minds as to whether they are bluffing ("WHAT IF THEY DO HAVE THE NUTS! I CAN'T POSSIBLY CALL THAT BIG BET, JUST INCASE!" the weak players squeal).

    SAGs wind people up, especially tight-aggressive players like me (and especially in Heads-up games which is even more annoying as I will be giving you a game soon Kondai). Good SAGs take advantage of the frustration they create from continuously taking from their opponents' chipstack. In fact, there's a good reason for SAGs being called steam-machines- you tilt players without sucking out on them.

    To beat loose-aggressive players you have to hope that you have a monster when a Loose-aggressive player shoves all his chips in the middle, which they do almost every hand. To beat a SAG you need patience and a strong character to keep cool. It can so frustrating to sit and watch a SAG run a table while you fold hands, never getting the pot-odds or implied-odds to make the call which in turn means that you rarely develop great hands. This is because the best hands are made on the turn and river, for example if you hit an open-ended straight draw on the flop a SAG will prevent you being able to make that straight because they will 'sniff out your blood' and realise your position, then bet big making it too expensive for you to see the turn. Meanwhile, as the odds of flopping a monster is heavily against, SAGs rarely give their opponents the material to bust them.

    This post has been really adoring of SAGs, but they aren't invincible. So to beat a SAG you need to make sure you avoid getting caught in the trap of overvaluing marginal hands against a SAG. If you’re a tight-aggressive player (like me), a good SAG (like Kondai) will acknowledge this utilise this niggling temptation against you. Instead, be patient, continually look to slow-play hands (but only when you are 100% sure you are ahead). In an MTT, you should look to cripple a SAG once or twice because, as they are sharks sniffing for fishes blood, they are much more likely to leave you and your blinds alone and attack other less-strong players. Of course, if you’re playing heads-up against a SAG (like I am against Kondai) I pretty much doubt that they will leave you alone.


    Oh my god I'm tired- that's my second massive long essay post in such a short space of time!!!!

    Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it and find it useful in your tournament play and poker game in general. And Kondai, I hope this has helped you to realise what style of player you are.

  17. Kondai

    Kondai Active Member

    Well, any style have their edge.. and thank for really quality post about style for BP forum.. The bad things is I don't have bankroll at bwin :p.. I think, I'm not playing that great too.. I have many leaked in my game that why I never + in cash game... but for tournament I think because the tournament player more tight and not call down many times with second pairs or top pairs weak kicker frequently like cash game.. so that it maybe my source of income for chips... but for me like now I think I'm just another donk .. it really close to when I first play poker but more aggressive and more willing to gamble (Kondai Version 3.0 lol). I will let you know when I have bankroll at bWin, I can play any stake .. just or fun and friendship.. I really love to play with people I talked to or knowing each other... It will be fun, sure.
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  18. Arachnaphid

    Arachnaphid Active Member

    We could play a heads-up game for fun money, that way it would be more relaxed with only 'pride' resting on the outcome and if we like that we could play a small stake game.

  19. Arachnaphid

    Arachnaphid Active Member

    How come nobody is getting any bad beats!

    Are BP members the luckiest people on earth or something?

    (or is it because I got the whole topic side-tracked -sorry:sad:)

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  20. Mick114

    Mick114 Well-Known Member

    I try to forget my bad beats but this one has stuck with me.This was a few yrs ago but it went something like this.I get pocket aces (ten player table) and buddy raises , I re-raise and he I call(everyone else folds).We see hole cards and he has............POCKET ACES spade and heart.When we see the hole cards it's like hardy har har.......look at that (figure it will be a split pot).Flop comes with three spades, (gets my attention)...turn card a heart , and...........RIVER A SPADE!Talk about nasty cards/luck.This was on Poker Stars btw.I've played alot of hands over the years and have gotten pretty much every poker hand a few times over but have never had this hand replay (thankfully).As they say......that's poker.

    :( :( :( :( :(
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