Poker Nordica $535,633.26 Bad Beat Jackpot

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    The Bad Beat Jackpot at Poker Nordica is Currently: $535,633.26

    Bad Beats happen to each and every person, but at Poker Nordica they have found a way for you to potentially win big after losing with a monster hand!

    In any Texas Hold'em game, you will be looking to maximise your value when you pick up four of a kind. The chance to go all-in is automatic, but what happens if your opponent is holding higher four of a kind, or even a Straight Flush?

    These are the worst Bad Beats, and usually result in thousands of chips being passed over the table. The new Bad Beat Jackpot at Poker Nordica will ensure thousands of dollars in real money will be won, all for losing a hand.

    On their specially made ring game jackpot tables, they will collect 50 cents from every pot which contributes to the Bad Beat Jackpot.

    As soon as a player has a big hand cracked, the jackpot will be won, with every active player at the table receiving a portion of the prize money!

    The player with the losing hand will pick up the biggest percentage, so if you have four of a kind in sevens or better using both hole cards, you should definitely hope to get beaten!

    As always please read the terms and conditions before wagering.

    Good Luck.

    USA welcome.

    Poker Nordica - US Players welcome
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