Problem gamblers are rats.

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    Well it has finally been proven, as many opposed to gambling have suspected all along, that problem gamblers share common charater traits with rats.

    In a study, conducted by scientists at the University of British Columbia, rats were given the opportunity to collect treats by choosing one of four holes. And the more difficult it was to get to a particular hole the greater amount of treats the rats received.

    After the first experiments were conducted the scientists then gave drugs to the rats that altered the portion of the brain that relates to traits of gamblers. When these areas of the brain were treated the actions of the rats mirrored those of problem gamblers in the sense that they no longer were able to choose an option based on risk but intead choose each option equally without regard to difficulty.

    Scientists feel these tests will lead to a breakthrough in the treatment of problem gamblers.

    I always knew I had shared common characteristics with a rat.

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