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    In the world of online gambling the biggest part of the experience for most players is the jackpots or the huge winning potential.
    In today’s world of internet gaming there are a ton of ways to win huge jackpots and the progressive jackpots are in the millions at most online casinos.
    Just like playing the lottery, you can’t win if you don’t play and here we will discuss how online jackpots work; both progressive and random.

    Progressive jackpots are just like the ones you would find in Vegas. The jackpot pool keeps growing until it’s won by a certain combination on the slot reels or a hand at the tables.
    Slot progressive jackpots are more popular that table game jackpots but all in all they would both be great to win. The progressive prize pools online start out the same way, a
    certain amount is where it starts and each time a player bets there is a small portion of the bet added to the prize pool.
    It will continue to grow until it is won and most of the time the jackpots are spread across the entire network of casinos powered by the software.

    The progressive jackpot wins are a lot bigger than the random jackpots and not too long ago someone won over €6.5 million at an online casino with just a fifty cent bet.
    This is not the normal win and of course there are those players that will never even see a tenth of that win no matter how long they play online but the potential is there and that’s what keeps it exciting,
    for me anyway. The possibility of hitting a life changing amount is enough to keep any player wanting to spin the reels.

    Progressive slots usually have a fixed bet amount and there are usually only a certain group of games that the player can spin to hit the jackpot. At Microgaming, for example,
    there are Mega Moolah games that not only can change your life in a single spin, but there are a few different games you can play just in case you would like a change in pace.
    The amount of the jackpots are always visible in the casino lobby or on the casino web-site so make sure to check it each and every time before you play!

    Next let’s talk about random jackpots. These are smaller and easier to come across but still a feat and a feel good win should you happen to trigger one.
    These are jackpots that are won at random and can be triggered with any bet size and any reel combination.
    The most popular software provider of random jackpots is Realtime Gaming and they have them on almost every single slot game in their menu.

    There are the straight random jackpots with the single prize pool and then minor and major jackpots with smaller and bigger prize pools, respectively.
    The game you play will have a jackpot either way at an RTG powered online casino so the potential alone is exciting.
    The jackpot pool is usually set at a low amount and will continue to grow until hit. Once hit, the games jackpot is reset and can be won again at any time.

    Other software providers also have random jackpots so it’s best to check the pay-table or even customer service to ask which ones have a jackpot. Jackpots of any size are fun to win.
    These are just a few examples of the jackpot potential of playing online and as any gambler knows it’s not common to win a huge amount so it’s important not to chase the jackpots no matter what size they are.
    Keep it a fun and relaxing experience, don’t chase the jackpots and may your next spin be a winner!
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