Rivals: Planet23, 21grand, supremeplay :(

Discussion in 'Good News - Bad News!' started by Sparkz, Jun 3, 2010.

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  1. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    Never ever have I had to rant at such poor support at any casinos ever in my life.

    I have just been trying to clearout the worst casinos I have played at and these 3 especially catch my eye.

    I spoke to live support to try and close accounts. With planet23 I was left for 30 mins waiting for someone to come into the chat session. Finally they did. I explained I wanted my account to be closed..... more waiting... more waiting.... "chat host has closed the session"... how rude

    With supremeplay (sister site of 21grand so same support) its taken about an hour of waiting for any support to help, and they still wont close my accounts and it ended with "chat session ended"

    It bugs me to think why the hell should these casinos be in operation? If any serious problem gambler went to live support to ask for themselves to be excluded how is it acceptable that they have to wait hours for their request to be filled?

    I know iv had some slatings to say about "vegas regal" but all in all they are the best rival casino ever. My overall wins to losses there is probably a few hundred $'s down but im not fussed. I have fun there. Sometimes I win, othertimes I lose but I know theres usually a free chip around the corner so i can potentially win a bit more back. Their support is always nearly instant and they always "flush" my withdrawls whenever I request it. I always get paid their within their 2-5 day timeframe (sometimes even less than that).

    Wheras my last experience with 21grand was more than 2 weeks to get paid
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  2. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience at these casinos Dear.
    And I totally understand your frustration.
    I'm very surprised that you have been treated so unbelievable rude at these casinos.
    Wait on what Mike and Marina have to say.
    They will sure take a closer look.​
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  3. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    yea, i agree, support is 1 thing any casino needs to have, to bring them depositors and also keep players happy in times they need assistance

    nobody wants 30 minutes wait and inconsistant support
  4. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    I was thinking Surpreme Play would be one of the better Rival Casinos!?

    Will ask my contact what is going on there,
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention Sparkz :thank you:
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  5. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    not a problem... Supreme play and 21grand have linked support.

    I did try a bit earlier also to see what their live support was like and I was waiting 30 mins. Gave in waiting in the end and closed the chat.

    A lot of the time I have seen their live chat also as "closed"
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