Royal Flush Bonus With Big Bet Poker! 100x Your Big Blind!

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    Royal Flush Bonus

    Score a Royal Flush with your pocket cards on any real-money Texas
    Holdem ring game at Big Bet and you will receive a bonus of 100 x the big blind!

    That means you can win a cash bonus of $1,000 cash, just by getting a
    Royal Flush on a table with $5/$10 stakes!

    Royal Flush Bonus Qualification:

    ■Only available for real money Texas Hold'em ring games (not tournament hands)
    ■Both Hole Cards must be used
    ■Player must win hand / pot with the Royal Flush (no rabbit hunts)
    ■Must be submitted within 48 hours from hand completion
    ■If the Royal Flush comes down on a Deal It Twice table only the FIRST dealt turn and river qualify for the bonus.

    Bonus Terms & Conditions:

    ■Bonus equivalent to 100 x big blind ($1,000 Maximum Bonus)
    ■You must earn 100 comp points per bonus $1 before withdrawal
    ■Bonus not available for Blackjack use
    ■Please allow 48 hrs for bonus to be credited

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