Royal flush some one yet??!

Discussion in 'The Poker Talk Corner' started by mclovin1988, Mar 29, 2009.

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  1. mclovin1988

    mclovin1988 New Member

    I played only in bwin over 11000 hands yet and never had/saw one at all.

    queen high straight flush was my closest yet.

    did u got one?!:(
  2. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    i have hit three of them at wass poker.
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  3. i have never had a royal flush at bwin or other poker room.Although my opponents had royal flush against me 3 or 4 times:sad:
  4. Kim1982

    Kim1982 Member

    I have not gotten a royal flush yet at any of the poker sites, I get close but no cigar. >( maybe someday I'll get one
  5. Kabuki19

    Kabuki19 Member

    I never had a royal flush in my life, i only saw people having royal flushes, the strongest hand i had was a straight flush of spades 7 to Jack.....good enough:socool:
  6. Peterpeter

    Peterpeter New Member

    I saw a royal flush online once at a $5 buy in tournament.
    The player had AK both clubs suited and hit a dreamflop of QJT all clubs, he checked the flop and weakly slowplayed it till the river, as a royal can't make you a lot of money.
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  7. Peterpeter

    Peterpeter New Member

    It's nice to see though, all the players were schocked, a royal flush, and on the flop!
  8. JASTA

    JASTA New Member

    I had my first royal flush today since I started playing poker a month ago. :socool: It was in a tournament so no extra bonus according the pokerroom :(
  9. SystEmsuX

    SystEmsuX Member

    I've had 2 or 3 royal flushes, but that just means I play too much, haha.
  10. Arachnaphid

    Arachnaphid Active Member

    The best hand I have ever had is a straigh-flush king high. The funny thing is that it was on the board- the community cards all made the king-high straight flush!:lmao:
  11. Arachnaphid

    Arachnaphid Active Member

    Or that your really, really lucky :ny2:
  12. Kondai

    Kondai Active Member

    2 times in Omaha I think and 3-4 times in hold'em ... I play over 30,000-50,000 hands
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  13. Arachnaphid

    Arachnaphid Active Member

    I can't play omaha, to complicated and tricky for me.
  14. Davy Jones

    Davy Jones Member

    I got one today in and i got my ticket for tonites Playboy Mansion event final satellite.
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  15. i have only gotten 1 royal in my life but it was in a 7 stud h/l game. about 2 or 3 times i have folded a hand that would have made a royal but i'm sure that has happened to all of us that play online regularly.
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  16. Beefheartz

    Beefheartz New Member

    I`ve had 6 royals in 4 years,and one that was rabbited after I folded q 10 of clubs,culd call it 7 all together,but I don`t thibk rabbiting is accurate as the cards are constantly shuffled and if the hand was played it may have been different.
  17. game.
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  18. Mike

    Mike Administrator Staff Member

    very nice!

    i find anyway ohama a cool game
    pick the 2 best cards
    and hope you win:socool:
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  19. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Yeah very nice illphillllllll!!!
    Thanks for the screenshot!:kiss:​
  20. Dmoney644

    Dmoney644 Well-Known Member

    Very nice phil, Beautiful screenshot.

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