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Discussion in 'Current Contests' started by Ellis, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    When I was a young girl, I can remember this movie,
    Nightmare on Elm street.
    And I was so scared...!
    Every night, I took a quick look under my bed, to
    see if Freddy Kruger was there or not. yikes!!

    One, two, Freddy's coming for you...
    Three, four, better lock your door.

    Omg it was a horrible movie, for someone from my age.
    And after all these year's, I still act weird after watching a scary movie.
    I run the stairs much faster, when I'm hopping into bed.

    We would like to know what movie, really scared you....
    And if you did act scared after that. rof

    Post it below, along with your Grand Mondial Casino account number.

    3 Winners will be randomly drawn from all entries
    to win one of
    3 x £/€/$ 10 Cash Prizes!
    For Grand Mondial Casino
    (*Cash deposited directly into your Grand Mondial Casino account

    This contest is open for new
    and existing players at Grand Mondial Casino.
    Anyone is eligible for the prize,
    due it is a Cash Prize, it is not a Bonus.

    This contest will start
    October 16 th,2008
    and end
    Ocktober 31 th,2008

    * This is an exclusive contest with Bonus Paradise.
    Under no circumstances do you contact the Casino regarding this contest.
    i.e.: No inquiry about contest rules, wins or credits relating to this contest.
    Bonus Paradise is in full control of all related inquiries regarding this.
    If you do, you will forfeit all future contest entries.
    In case you have questions or concerns, you can ask the Bonus Paradise Staff
    by doing a post or sending a PM (private message)

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  2. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    Great contest Ellis.

    I always looked for the Boogie Man​
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  3. awonderguy

    awonderguy Member

    I too watched this movie when I was about 12, my brother was 2 years younger than me. We shared a bedroom . When we went to bed I would wait to everyone was settled for the
    night. My Mom, my Dad and my sisters and my brother. Then I started singing really low ,

    One, two, Freddy's coming for you...
    Three, four, better lock your door.
    My brother would HOWL MOM DAD hes singing it again. He was so so scared. Well I would get yelled out and everyone would be quiet. I would wait and hum it very low LOL he would Howl again . This went on for several nights until I got grounded, and video games taken away.I am 33 nd my brother is 31 . I can still tee him off with
    One, two, Freddy's coming for you...
    Three, four, better lock your door.
    Makes my Mom laugh and laugh now
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  4. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    omg mean brother...rof

    funny how we've all done this. rof

    thanks for entering and good luck​
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  5. ronwho2

    ronwho2 Active Member

    Saw was very bloody and scary vgmr0001563
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  6. queenmap

    queenmap Well-Known Member

    The one that did scare, but not any longer is Chucky. That dang doll made me lift my feet on couch. Just incase ya know. LOL Thanks for the great contest! :apple:

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  7. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    OMG queenmap Childs Play...:super:
    That why i dont like dolls, lol

    Goodluck all!!​
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  8. Seaman63

    Seaman63 Well-Known Member

    Definitly Candyman...was really scary! EEEK!

    I love this contest!
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  9. Vicky

    Vicky Well-Known Member

    I love this contest Ell!
    I got to tell you all this true story...
    My Hubby and I were looking
    for a house not too long after
    the second Nightmare on Elm St. came out.
    I saw in the paper a nice add for the perfect house
    so i call and they tell me to meet them
    on the corner of Elm and Something
    anyway I go and the house is PERFECT except...
    NO JOKE the add. was 1313 Elm ST.!
    We didn't take the house!​
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  10. nada333

    nada333 Banned

    grand mondial...Vgmr01890054...the movie that really frightened me was..{When a stranger calls....}:nuts:
  11. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    He desperado347 is dont know that movie...
    Is it really really scary??
    What it about?​
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  12. nada333

    nada333 Banned

    hi ellis...the movie is about when a young girl is babysitting and alot of the usual creepy noises etc are going on and someone keeps calling her and asking her if she has checked on the children, who are in bed by this time, so she calls the police who tell her not to worry its just a prank. she gets a few more scary phone calls and yells at the caller and tells him that shes not afrais. the phone rings again and its the police calling to tell her that the prank phone calls are actually coming from inside the house she is in.:nuts:
  13. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    OMG thas sounds scarry!!
    But i love the story!!
    I will check if out if our local video store has it...
    I like it;):kiss:
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  14. peteyweestro

    peteyweestro Active Member

    By far the hands down, scariest movie ever( people were even fainting during showings at the movies) is the exorcist.....i watched this as a child and it really had a bad impact on me, to this day i can't watch it or even think about it to much or i can't sleep

    my grand mondial id is Fgmr00648349

    as a matter of fact i'm not so sure that if i win this contest that it was worth the images i've now got in my mind again tonight,lol :sad:
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  15. Vicky

    Vicky Well-Known Member

    OH YES! Petey you are so right!
  16. elle86

    elle86 Active Member

    lol... i love grade b horrors... one that had me screaming was dont look in the basement...and another was children shouldnt play with dead things...but the scariest was it... by stephen king... that clown scared the bejesus outta me... i just love horror movies... and horror books... and getting the creeps... lol halloween night i love staying up all night watching all the scarey movies... :) thanks for another amazing contest guys... (vgmr01717231):thank you::thank you::thank you:
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  17. Vicky

    Vicky Well-Known Member

    Thank You Elle
    Good Luck Friend!
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  18. burgundygirl

    burgundygirl Active Member

    i think the halloween movies,because you never know who is really in those costumes when you are trick or treating with your kids,i still freak out bad. :thank you: :dracula:

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  19. Seaman63

    Seaman63 Well-Known Member

    Yeah..the Halloween movies are very scary...and the music is so good. Good luck burgundygirl.
  20. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    I believe I know this movie desperado, at least a part of it

    For me guys its really hard to say which was the scariest movie
    because I almost see nothing of it
    as soon it comes to the odd sound I hide under a pillow or whatever and ask my Darling to let me know when its over, lol

    I love more such movies with not much blood and all that

    THE 6TH SENSE with Bruce Willis is really good

    Great contest, really super cool for the Halloween time
    thank you all for your great posts and good luck friends​
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