Smoking in Louisiana Casinos still OK

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    In the State of Louisianas' Legislature the battle rages on between health of non-smokers' and the health of profits for the Casinos located there.

    With tax revenue down in this current economic downturn there is a wide spread belief, at least on the House side of the Legislature, that it may not be the best time to do anything that might affect the income being generated by the states Casinos, and the resultant taxes being paid to the state.

    There are 24 states currently that ban indoor smoking in public areas, including Casinos. Almost without fail, the gambling revenues have dropped at the Casinos located in those states with Casino smoking bans. Although, to be fair, some people contribute this drop in revenue to the current decline in the economy, just as much if not more, than to the ban on smoking.

    On a personal note, as a smoker for 40 years now, I can say that the ban on smoking in the casinos located here in Colorado has led to a 12% decline in gambling revenue in the first year of its existence. But it has not affected my gambling habits in one way or another. They have built nice covered, heated, shelters at the casinos here and the 2 or 3 minutes that I spend in the smoking area doesn't save me any money because I just spend a few more minutes in the casino afterwards. I don't mind going to a seperate area to smoke because I don't want my bad habits to affect others.

    This is a tough call for the Louisiana legislature because a multitude of the gamblers come from neighboring states and leave money in Louisiana that can be used to offset increases in taxes for the residents of the state.

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