Social Interaction 101 - Gambling Edition

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  1. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Gambling is a lot of things, but it is primarily a social activity. Very few people decide to make a spontaneous visit to the casino all on their lonesome, and it is hardly very fun to play a game
    of poker at a table by yourself. Sure, there are several games you can play by yourself. You could play the slots at the casino or join an online card game on a gambling website. However, many
    gamblers often supplement these “loner” games with very social games such as poker, blackjack, or craps. They also often choose to bring a friend along when playing slots or playing other
    online casino games. The point is, if you want to be a good gambler you need to know how to interact with people socially, at least to some small degree.

    Read the information below to gather a few tips about social interaction so that you can better enjoy your next gambling experience.

    Tip One: Talk a Little

    If you join a game of Poker and do not make an effort to talk to any of the people at your table, then you may come off as “cold” or non-sociable. In order to avoid this unfortunate turn of events,
    try saying something between hands that is not strictly game related. Turn to the person next to you and strike up a conversation. Not sure what to talk about? Try to find something in common.
    Ask about work, family, or hobbies. Once you find something in common, you may find it a lot easier to converse with a “stranger” than you had anticipated. You might even make a new friend.
    Here are a few more tips for striking up friendly conversation:

    • Talk about the weather. If all else fails, you can always talk about the rain, horrible heat, or abnormally cold temperatures taking place.
      Weather is a staple of every awkward conversationalist. Keep it simple and stay calm - you have got this under control.
    • Tell gambling stories. Everyone has had a strange or slightly entertaining time at the casino; break the ice by telling a funny
      story that people can easily relate to. Your story may cause a spark that starts the whole table in a healthy conversation.
    • Ask questions. If you really want to please your new acquaintance and get them into the conversation, there is one key:
      show interest in him or her. Ask your new friend Bob about Bob. If you can get someone talking about him or herself, you have
      a guaranteed period of time during which all you have to do is sit back, listen, and nod - plus, you look super friendly. Who wouldn’t want that?


    Tip Two: Do Not Talk Too Much

    Alright, so now you know how to talk. Please, though, try not to be one of those people. Cue the scary music… you do not want to be one of the dreaded “talkers” at the gaming table.
    Nobody wants to know your entire life story, even if you really did score a touchdown in the final two minutes of your last football game in high school. To be bluntly honest, nobody
    wants to hear about your high school glory days. Instead of running your mouth thoughtlessly, focus on making choice remarks at the appropriate time. Have a little tact, people.

    Tip Three: Be Generous

    Some people say that a picture is like a thousand words. We would like to think that treating someone to an adult beverage is worth a thousand words. If you buy your new found acquaintance
    of a free drink, he or she will instantly warm up to you. You do not need to buy something expensive; the fact that you went out of your way to treat your new friend will speak volumes about you.
    They will start to perceive you as a thoughtful, generous, kind, friendly individual. Those are all good traits, and most people desire to be viewed that way. So, what are you waiting for?
    Go buy a pretty lady or gentleman a drink. But please, try not to be creepy about it.

    The next time you feel like melting into the floor during a forced social situation at a casino, take heart! There is no need to pull a “wizard of Oz” and melt into a puddle of embarrassment. Just keep
    the three tips above in mind and keep your cool. You are a person of worth, and the people around you are persons of worth too. Striking up a healthy conversation can be a heartwarming, rewarding
    action resulting in a new found friendship - or at the very least a less lonely evening. If you are interested in making new friends or getting to know people when you spend a night out at the casino,
    you may need to take the initiative and start talking to someone. You may be surprised at how many people are wanting to do exactly the same thing but feel uncomfortable doing so.

    It is your turn to be the brave one: hit up the casino during your next free weekend and make an effort to talk to at least one new person. Both of you may be happy that you did.
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  2. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    I don't like to talk at all when I am playing a casino game.
    Just leave me alone:)
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  3. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    Interesting article.

    If I'm playing at a table, small talk is okay. Just not a lot of talk. If I'm spinning the slots, I don't like to be bothered at all and I hate when someone is standing behind me watching.
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  4. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    OMG Kotsy, yeah I hate this too but only when I'm not winning:D
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