Sports You Wouldn't Believe You Can Bet On

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  1. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Sports-betting has its own aberrations, apparently because some gamblers just can't seem to have enough.
    While football and cricket betting have become endemic, there are betting sports in this world you may not have even heard of.
    In fact, I'm not sure if these are sports at all, but they are all legal and you can bet on them if you are tired of betting on the same old regular sports.

    Cage Wrestling
    Dog fighting and cockfighting are illegal in the civilised world, but human fighting isn’t. May be it's because no one usually dies at the end of a cage-wrestling match,
    but gushing wounds and broken bones are another matter. You can bet on your favourite player, and probably also on the number of bones he'll break before he
    emerges victorious from that steel cage. Interested? There are numerous websites offering the odds for the upcoming cage fights.

    Cockroach Racing
    If you've bet on the Ashes too many times, try cockroach racing for a change. The Aussies are the favourites in this one, having pioneered the 'sport' in 1982.
    Australia Day Cockroach Races are held every year in Brisbane ever since. The cockroaches racing here aren't our ordinary sewer bugs, but some thoroughbred race roaches.
    Unlike cricket players, they wouldn't listen to the bookies, something that makes cockroach racing a fairer betting sport.
    It has some strict rules too, such as the roaches must be registered and weighed in order to participate, and flying is not tolerated.

    Crab Racing
    If you don't like cockroaches, maybe you'll like crab-racing better. It seems Aussies have a thing for racing the weirdest creatures.
    These crabs are steadier and more graceful than roaches, and you can get to eat the losers on a platter later on, if you had bet to that effect.


    Dart Game
    Darts are pointed arrows that you throw at a round target board with circles painted on it. Most dart players would bet on the sport and earn money from it.
    If you happen to be around, you can also get a piece of the action. The dartboard has different scores for hitting different circles and the players
    have their odds, things that make this game an interesting betting sport.

    Snooker brings to mind gentlemen in 3-piece suites poking at colourful, shiny balls with their cues in a plush environment,
    but few people know the amount of money that changes hands when a ball is pocketed or a shot is missed.
    Snooker is the favourite betting sport among snooker players and spectators because of its unpredictability and style.

    Mini Golf
    We already knew 18-hole golf is a betting sport for golf players and celebrities, but there are people who take miniature golf as seriously.
    The US ProMiniGolf Association hosts regular mini-golf tournaments throughout the year, and have their own version of the Masters.
    Tiger Woods wouldn't be teeing off at these Masters, but there are other players with odds and you can bet on them if you must.

    Rock, Paper, Scissors
    The next time you watch some kids playing this childhood game, be ready with your wallet and your betting partners.
    The benevolently cheerful game of wonder-years isn't for children only.
    In Las Vegas, they hold an RPS Championship every year with a $50,000 purse. You can wager on it even if you are not participating.

    If you don't think some of these are actually sports, ask those who have placed their money on a cockroach or a crab,
    for these may not be sports, strictly speaking, but they surely are betting sports.
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  2. Ardilla

    Ardilla Well-Known Member

    These sports are to funny. I never thought that you can really bet on them but now I know better.

    Really interesting.
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  3. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Yeah its really incredible where you can bet on these days.
    Never ever heard about Crab races haha! But Im pretty good
    playing Mini Golf. So maybe in Feature, you can place your bets on me
  4. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Oh there are actually much more really weird things you can bet on :)

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