Stanleys Circus Casino - NEVER PLAY THERE!!

Discussion in 'Good News - Bad News!' started by Sparkz, May 6, 2009.

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  1. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    well this is not the reknown "circus casino" that is known as a rogue casino, this is supposed to be a uk reputable casino, run by a company that owns many land based casinos but it has to be 1 of the worst casinos i have ever played at, they cost me over £200

    i signed up after seeing it seemed reputable, i deposited £15, played and won £80, my withdraw was approved, a week passed and still there was no sign of my winnings, i emailed support and they said it had been approved and will be in my bank in the next few days. Another week had passed and guess what? still nothing. I logged into my account and saw it had been declined. Confused to why this was as i had been informed that it had been approved i emailed support. A week passed, no reply. I decided to continue playing and had noticed i had a bonus put on my account a few days before that. Confused as to why this bonus was there (it hadnt been requested or given to me any time before) i continued to play and made another withdraw at £200. Unfortunatly again it had been declined.

    Once again I emailed support and had no reply... now i had serious thoughts that the reason it had been declined was because i had accepted a bonus i didnt know bout and hadnt met the wagering requirements so i played on and i ended up losing ALL of it.

    2 days later support emails me, they tell me that the bonus was put on my account by mistake and had been taken off already (even though in my account there was no mention of that bonus being "cancelled" or "taken off" my account) and they said they were having technical problems with their systems at the time preventing them paying people (again there was no mention of these "technical problems" anywhere....

    i emailed them back demanding that my account wager details and my emails get forwarded to the manager.... they explained they would forward it all and asked me to be patient...

    this happened about 5 months ago... never heard back off them or their manager

    the bottom line is i made the deposit in good faith, if i had lost fairly i wouldnt of minded, but they lead me to unfairly believe that i had a bonus on my account and i needed to make a wagering requirement before i could cashout thus losing all of the money that was rightfully mine and i had requested many a time before. Whats worse is it was their fault completely, and they made no effort to rectify this (the least they could of done is paid me my 1st withdraw amount of £80 or at very very least refunded my initial deposit....

    You want fairness?
    You want a chance to see your winnings?
    You want fast and reliable customer support?

    then certainly dont bother with stanleys circus casino!!!
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  2. Seaman63

    Seaman63 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your warning Sparkz.
  3. nada333

    nada333 Banned

    It is unforunate that you had such a bad experience here Sparkz..I have never heard of this place one way or another and judging by your post I am probably better off for it. Unfortunately these places give a bad reputation to online casinos in general. I appreciate your post warning others of this place and encourage you to look here for places that can be trusted...

    thanks again for your post and good luck in the future.
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  4. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    thanks desperado, i will be sure to check that section,

    im suprised they havent advertised "stanleys circus casino" much, the strange thing is "stanley" runs many land based casinos so i would of thought they would of been reliable and of advertised much better,

    definately it is a shameful thing, i have been gambling 6 years online so iv had my share of rogues and good casinos but stanleys circus has to be the worst out of all of them, id rather play at a rogue casino knowing i wont see any winnings than play somewhere i trusted and put my faith (money) into thinking i would be paid if i had won,

    happy to warn people, i like to write my experiences for others to read
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