Superior Casino Trivia Free $10 expires June 9th

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    ::: MOVIE TRIVIA :::

    (expires June 9th at noon Eastern Time US)

    In the movie X-men (2000),
    which mutant is able to transform
    her shape into any other mutant or person:

    a) Rogue
    b) Mystique
    c) Storm
    d) Jean Grey

    Answer correctly to receive a
    plus a 100% RELOAD on your next deposit.

    Players that can apply:

    1) That have deposited at least one in the last two months
    (since April 1st)
    2) Account in good standing with promos allowed
    3) Has not received more than 2 no-deposit bonuses
    (token, cashback, etc) since last deposit.

    Good Luck Friends!

    I put a little hint in there ....look closely hehe

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