Switzerland to offer Online Gambling Licenses

Discussion in 'Good News - Bad News!' started by nada333, May 24, 2009.

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  1. nada333

    nada333 Banned

    The Government of Switzerland says that it intends to offer a limited number of online gambling licenses. But at the same time it announced it's intention to keep the current ban on wagers placed through interactive television or by phone.

    The Justice Ministry says that it is simply responding to the increasing amount of illegal online gambling currently in progress. In addition, the Swiss Parliment, must give it's approval to any changes.

    The plan under consideration would also come down hard against other forms of illegal gambling. But the Swiss must be careful that they are not giving preference to local licensees at the risk of violating gambling provisions currently in place through the European Commision.

    The government hopes to generate up to $22 million dollars a year in revenure from this new provision.

    Denmark, just last week, announced plans to consider proposals to loosen up its online gambling industry and certainly the Swiss do not want to be left behind.

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  2. Marina

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    Ahh, I believe it wont take to long and all European countries will have online gambling regulated.
    I hope for all USA gamblers that their government will follow.

    Thanks for posting Desperado
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  3. Ellis

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    Yeah great article Des!!!
    You are an amazing writer!:kiss:​
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