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    Re: Naughty or Nice with CasinoShare-3 x £/€/$ 10 Cash Prizes
    Originally Posted by wyldgirl
    Now see I wouldn't have known he posted this if i wasn't getting my board emails!! lol
    What he didn't say was the naughtiest thing he has done is get a diamond half the size of the original!! Why do you think I said no! LOL

    Kotsy replied

    just spit coffee on the keyboard.
    omg, too funny

    Did not get a chance to reply to you on this and really wanted to so grabbed it and brought it here!
    when i read your reply i laffed so hard i almost didnt make it to the batroom in time cus i can just see you spittin that coffee "it is such a kotsy thing to do":lmao:
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    You're quite welcome

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