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    Team EuroPoker sponsorship deals to London to be won with
    their huge $100,000 Guaranteed Bounty Tournament.
    Collect your bounties and win one of our massive prize packages.

    Destination London - Welcome To The $100,000 Bounty

    Eliminate the big shots of - and be rewarded generously.
    Just take part in The $100,000 Bounty tournament, with $100,000 guaranteed.

    Kill 'em all.

    On August the 10th, 8 members of Team will all
    be at in same place at the same time.
    And you'll be there too... waiting to pick them off one by one.

    Remember:these players have played in some of the biggest and
    best live tournaments. They are pros; they know what they're doing.

    For more details about The $100,000 Bounty

    Visit EuroPoker Now

    Euro Poker do not accept USA residents​
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