The Bonus Seesaw at Class 1 Casino for 2 days long

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    Hop on the bonus seesaw and get the 100% bonuses!

    Do you remember those careless days on the playground when you spent whole
    afternoons teetering on your favourite seesaw, without a worry in the world?
    In Class 1 Casino it is that time again!

    The Bonus Seesaw runs for 48 hours and works in the following see-saw manner:
    You will get a 20% bonus on your first deposit, but behold –
    the seesaw goes up on the second deposit and you get the 100% bonus!

    On the third deposit you go down again with a 40% bonus –
    but then swiftly up again with the 100% bonus on the fourth deposit.

    Fifth deposit gets a 60% bonus, then the seesaw sways –
    and it's the 100% bonus again!

    Seventh bonus is already on the 80% and the next sway finally balances the Bonus Seesaw.
    This and all future deposits will get you a full 100% bonus.
    Log in to Class 1 Casino and ride the Bonus Seesaw

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