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  1. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    Just have possibly opened my eyes to a fair amount concerning blackjack...

    Was googling stuff and came along this job application site to be a blackjack dealer...

    It is important to understand that unlike many casino games, in blackjack the dealer has control of the game. He or she must shuffle and deal the cards but will also pay winning hands, change cash into house chips and take losing bets. In addition, the dealer will change chip colors for the players as well as answer questions and at times provide guidance.

    It is the blackjack dealer's responsibility to decide when the cards will be re-shuffled and when it is time to break a new deck. These are important decisions as they do have an impact on the outcome of the game. Many players feel that reshuffling can end a good winning streak. The dealer can also control the speed of the deal or even interrupt a player's concentrate during the game, thus affecting the outcome as well.

    Interested individuals should have excellent communication skills as they may need to handle problematic customers. They should also be able to count quickly and have good manual dexterity.

    Makes you wonder doesnt it? If blackjack dealers are good at card counting, and know when to end a players winning streak by reshuffling... its quite possibly beyond the house edge we all expect...

    Typically in blackjack the house edge as such is usually based on the fact we cant see his second card... So potentially this means someone on a 14 or so, may believe the dealer must have a high second card so could hit and bust, only to find out after the dealer had 16 and if they had stood he would of bust

    I think if thats typical of most casinos then even live dealer blackjack games on the internet cant be judged or advertised as "random" since the dealers can almost manipulate how often people win and balance it down with lots of losing hands to boost their profits...

    The bottom of the page read:

    "The general rule is for the dealer to be tipped. Dealers bring in an hourly wage, typically beginning at about $8 per hour in addition to tips, which can comprise a large portion of their wages. Depending on the casino where you apply, prior experience may be required. "

    Lmao... if only thoese "tippers" knew the dealer probably is manipulating every game in the casinos favour
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  2. Seaman63

    Seaman63 Well-Known Member

    I have to admit I have no clue about Blackjack, I know the rules and played a few games but no idea what to do with this game.

    Since you seem to be an expert with Blackjack, I have one question:

    What is the highest amount you can win from a bet, related to the Multiples of a bet?

    With playing slots, I can win more than 1000x my bet, Videopoker is the same.

    As far as I know, BJ pays doubled bet? So you have to bet high to win big?
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  3. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    With blackjack theres too many things that come into place with it.

    Doubles can be risky business cause especially with the online non live blackjack games it fixes your maximum win (if any) as soon as you hit deal... So as I mentioned in about thread if you bet a £5 hand and have 11... it may of already decided the most you are going to win on that hand is £10 return... if that was the case and you doubled it would give you a poor card whereas if you hit normally it may well give you a 10.

    Usually you have to bet big to win big in blackjack unless you have lots of small wins... Again especially with online non live blackjack often games are tighter depending on how high you bet... you could win 10 hands in a row at £1 a bet... then put a bet you to £5 a hand and could get 5 losses in a row.

    The highest win of course is Blackjack... that pays 3:2 so you basically get 1 and a half times your money back (you bet £10 and get BJ, you would get £25 back)... If you had BJ and the dealer showed an ace you can insure and take even money back (double your bet) if he has BJ too, or you can stand and if he has BJ its a push. Saying that doubling can of course pay higher because you are betting more half way through the game but it still would only pay double your total wager

    There was a varient that I used to like playing... It was called something like double exposure BJ... where you see all the dealers cards (he still has to stand on 17 and hit on 16)... good if you can see he has 18 and you have 17 because you know to hit... the only problem with that though is blackjack pays double your wager only and if you push you lose
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  4. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much Sparkz. I never play BlackJack.

    Im amazed by your post and appreciate the time you did put in it.
    I hope this really heat up a good discussion. I would love to know if
    more members play Black Jack??? and what there point of view is...

    I dont know much about BlackJack. But its not the knowledge anymore, about
    which cards are still in the shoe....

    He I just registered for a Free BlackJack Tourney....
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  5. Seaman63

    Seaman63 Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much Sparkz for taking the time to answer my questions. Sounds interesting and Ellis, signing up for a free tourney sounds like a good idea to me to practice.
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  6. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    All I can say about BlackJack
    I find it super boooring! lol

    I remember when I went to land casino with my best friend
    I played Video Poker and Slots, and she was ONLY at the BlackJack Tables.
    I noticed how nervous and excited she was, was thinking wow, that game must be super!
    Watched her for a while playing and felt tired real fast.

    I know a bit the rules, but really, it is not my game
    I believe this is a game for really patient people, you need time to win on it good,
    Patience is sure not one of my strenght, lol
    This is also the reason why I not like playing poker online, God I hate the wait til others bet or not. LOL
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  7. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    Seaman as Marina said already. I had to wait and wait, until sleepyheads
    over there finally asked for one more card...
    Good point marina, I also dont have the patience

  8. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    haha, it does take a while when playing at an actual casino lol...

    I can remember the only time iv been in a real casino and played blackjack and it was a funny 1...

    Had a long drinking night out in a big city here in the uk, It was 4am gone and since id never been to a casino a friend I was with suggested we check out the casino... bear in mind we were quite drunk :D

    I always had that sterotypical view on what I think a casino should be like... Nice lookin ladies, complementary champagne, some freeplays.... so of course I was intrigued...

    what a disapointment, I got in, all main staff were 30 year old male africans, no free drinks :(, no nice lady staff lol

    We went to get drinks and it was this near 70 year old woman that served us.... came up to about £3.20 a pint ($5.50 :O), very expensive for a pint in the uk...

    Anyways over to the blackjack table I went, the dealer was grumpy and kept talking like he was bored as hell, I sat on the chair... slammed my pint down on the nice felt table and started playing... lost about £40, then my friend said to play with some of his cash, I played an won with his lol...

    Wasnt really a fun experience,

    I think the thing with blackjack (if its not played live) is the chance to win a nice amount quickly, sometimes I go into the betting office in town and play 1 of their blackjack machines, 1 quick £20 hand... sometimes i lose but sometimes I win and make £20 in about 30 seconds lol, wheras if it was slots it would take a while longer to win that amount
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