The New Era!

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    Good times are a coming folks! :eek:hyesss:

    Okay, so no Apocalypse. Believe me I joked, but I had one eye on the Lord. NOTHING is for sure in THIS world but His enduring love and mercy.

    As for the Mayans--they all think we're idiots, by the way, and rightly so. Those of Mayan ancestry today explain that we have entered a new epoch. There's something that went on on 12/21 with planetary alignments. You can Google it if you want, but that's as much as I understand. Anyway, the Mayans were tuned into this change. It's supposed to bring a new era of peace and prosperity! Whoo hooo! Much better than our mis-interpretation about worlds collapsing no?

    So let us hope the atrocities that we experienced in 2012 remain a thing of the past. (Especially the draconian Internet Gambling laws!)

    And P.S. I don't wanna hear anything about another apocalypse until 2099!
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  2. Marina

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    Yes ,I read about it :)

    Also Nostradamus has been misinterpreted so many times.
    It is simply that you can read or understand something how you want it to be.
    We human are like that, pitty that most of us tend more think negative than positive.

    Now let's all look forward to a nice future:)

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