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Discussion in 'Lets Talk about gambling and more...' started by AfelG, Dec 8, 2013.

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  1. AfelG

    AfelG Member

    Again, its Sunday night and again I'm in a mood............

    hello everyone...

    I know I write too long but that is the way I express myself. So, sorry if you have to read this book :)

    Also, I know there would be bunch of people who are just visitors in this forum and to this thread in particular - word of advice: register! it is fun! I was one of you - just a reader not a contributor, but it is funnier when you start writing something. No one is perfect and luckily everyone here understands that. The forum, in general, completely changes when you start to write something. So, it's just a minute - register and share with us what is your ideal playing environment. It is interesting to know what ALL casino players share in common.

    I don't know if some of you may share some of the habits of mine but I have to have special environment when I play. I try to make my playing environment as closer to casino environment (in terms of darkness) as possible even though I've been to casinos only 3 times in my whole life one of which never allowed to get in :sad: so if you are any good at math you can easily understand that I have been to a casino only twice :)

    Time of the day...
    I never ever play during the daytime. I am a night person and play exclusively when everything is quiet. I mainly play over the weekends but sometimes on Thursdays as well. Never play, and will never play, on Mondays.. So the time of the day is very important!

    I play exclusively at home. Never play from work or from internet cafe. My room is the ideal place for me to play any casino game or to bet or to do other stuff as well but this is casino forum, so, let's keep this thread in the scope of the topic :smiley:

    My desk and stuff within 2 meters radius...
    The very first and most important thing on my desk is a cup of coffee, then it is my very big ashtray, and cigarettes.... mainly :)
    I've got a biggish screen on my desk specially designated for my play (be it casino or another video game). Again, I don't play much but when I play I want it to be as enjoyable as possible. My chair is freakin soft :) you just dive into its sponge. There shouldn't be anything else to grab my attention: phone - OFF!!!

    The lights...
    I don't remember when the last time I switched on the main lights of the room. Got a small lamp which has god very deemed light and it is on the floor in a corner of my room. The curtains are closed all the time even during the day because I don't really like light in general.

    Surely there have to be selection of songs which I filtered a very long time already.
    I never ever play on tablet!!!!!
    And I very seldom play live casino - I'd rather watch porn instead ;)

    and here we start playing :) then it goes selection of an operator.. there is no one place which I play permanently. There are few places where I bet all the time but casino is a different story.

    Again, sorry if you had to read up to this point and carry on reading until the end of this sentence but this sentence seems to be one of the never ending ones, one of the stupid ones you ever read, and one of a kind, because this style of writing is inherited from a public speakers for this type of special cases, not to mention if you pay closer look at their speech they also tend to speak very long, very nice, and without meaning at the same time so, no one would ask tricky questions which are difficult to answer or may involve stuff that is not accessible to the public or may just contradict of what they said during the last elections or even during their very last speach. END! :hitme: - love this smiley..

    Good luck to you everyone and don't forget to share your ideal environment.. for me it is very interesting to read about you all, coz unlike you, yet i have no reason not to like you!
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  2. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Hey AfelG, I absolutely like your post!
    Thank you very much for sharing your habits.

    Yes! This is me too :)
    I did try playing casino on my tablet, and I don't enjoy it. I like to play on a big screen.
    Maybe it is just not for my generation, the youth now grows up with tablets, smart phones etc, so I assume for them it may be enjoyable to play casino that way.

    LOL, to funny!

    Also don't like Live Casinos, I find it really boring.
  3. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    My ideal environment for playing online casino:

    My Desktop and my big screen, my really comfortable chair, and a good glass of white wine :)
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  4. AfelG

    AfelG Member

    How 'good' is your glass?? :D 3-4 litres?? :D

    Marina, have you noticed that we share 2 things together: comfortable chair and big screen :DDD
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  5. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    First off, I absolutely love the post!! I must comment on this............

    Ms. Boss, (Marina) does this to me at least once a week when I do a "kotsy"=doing something wrong that's unexplainable. running joke here on BP. To date, I have not deleted the forum at

    I love your posting as it shows how people love to play online and under what conditions. I too love a big screen, comfy chair and must have a few beers. Could be any day of the week and at anytime. My favorite is when the hubby and child aren't

    And the porn comment??? Well ya, I could watch it too.tablet or not........k, I go hide now.
  6. AfelG

    AfelG Member

    Why I say porn is like a live casino because 80% of players are some sort of losers and while playing they can chat to the dealer (that's the reason they play casino) and do some nasty stuff behind the screen - boring!!

    Same is the porn: very boring because you always know the ending and because of that it is not interesting to watch anymore.. it ALWAYS ends the same way.. better watch the beginning and fast forward :D

    OK so far the chair and the big screen are the most common things among casino players :)
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  7. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    yup, it always ends the
  8. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Haha silly me,
    actually I meant a glass of good white wine. :)

    What a diffrence it can make to have one word pla

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