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    We know you are hearing a lot about the “best payback” if you’re looking for a good online casino. But what does “payback” really mean, anyway?

    To put it in the simplest terms possible, the payback percentage is what players, on average, should expect to be paid back. That being said, you shouldn’t expect to make that back, necessarily.
    Let’s say that you were at an online casino that has a 96% payback. This means that you should expect, on average, to get back €96 for every €100 you spend at the casino. You may win some,
    you may lose some, but over a few thousand plays, you should expect to have gotten about 96% of your money back. But that’s only assuming you’re the only person in the casino.

    Because there are other people in the casino and they’re playing the slots too, they’re messing with your payback percentage. What the “payback” percentage truly means is that the customers, as a whole,
    should expect to get 96% of their money back as a group. And, as everyone knows, in gambling there are winners and losers. If you and another person bet €500 each, someone might walk away €200
    up and the other person might walk away €240 down and it’s still technically a 96% payback. Just know that although casinos must report their payback percentages from time to time, they’re allowed to
    change them whenever they want so the information you may be getting (from anywhere) may be dated. Always make sure to check what the site is currently advertising.

    It should be noted that, as of the time of this writing, all of the following casinos are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, unless otherwise noted.

    Betway Casino (96.09%)

    Betway Casino is a casino that patrons from the UK, Canada, and Australia keep coming back to, and for a good reason. It has hundreds of different types of slots as well as blackjack, several types of roulette,
    baccarat, and dozens of variations of poker, among other games. It also caters to the sports fan in all of us by allowing you to get in on the sports book action at any time, from the comfort of your own home.

    It caters to the playing needs of all stripes too with a mobile app, downloadable program you can use on your computer, or even instant gaming you can do using Flash Player.

    And if you need any more reason to get on over to Betway, how does a €1000 welcome bonus sound? They’ll match your first deposit up to €250, your second is matched 25% with a bonus of up to €250,
    and your third is matched at 50% for a bonus of up to €500.

    Guts (97%)

    Guts is a newer casino, starting in 2013. Even with that, it still has one of the most powerful mobile apps on the market, allowing you to make deposits and withdrawals as well as play a huge amount of games,
    from wherever you are. Not only is it a powerhouse there, it has one of the fastest withdrawal times by aiming to get your money to you in a mere two hours. Really, who is going to beat that time?


    But it’s not just a powerful app or a fast service, it has pretty much every game you’ll ever need to play. You’ll find hundreds of slots, blackjack, all kinds of roulette, video poker, various poker games, baccarat,
    pai gao, and many others. You can even step up to a live casino and play against real dealers and real people for real money. If you’re up for betting on the next football match, go over to their sports book and
    lay some money down.

    For their welcome package, they’re willing to give you 100 free spins on their most famous, and one of their most well paying, slots: Starburst. If that’s just not enough for you, how does €300 matched sound?
    Pretty good, huh?

    bgo Vegas (96.18%)

    You may have seen bgo Vegas ads starring Verne Troyer, poker star Dan Bilzerian, and a man in a gorilla suit. At the end of the spot, Troyer makes a very stern challenge to you to “beat The Boss” and you
    should take him up on that challenge. bgo Vegas has one of the most easygoing wagering requirements that you’ll get when it comes to their bonuses, meaning you’ll get to win and grab your money quicker
    than at most other online casinos.

    Their games aren’t too shabby either, offering up some of the requisite games like slots, blackjack, poker, and roulette, but also has a few curveballs, like sic bo.

    As noted, the welcome packages are pretty much no strings attached so get in for the 20 free (no deposit) spins and deposit bonuses (up to £200 for your first deposit).
    From there you’ll get even more spins,180 in fact. It’s just enough to get you hooked and hooked you will be.
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    Great info and really nice to know this about the above online casinos.
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