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  1. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    Finally now I have bitten the bullet as it seems the gambling industry is starting to fall on its backside and seriously think the way I should play things now is not to play at all.

    Gambling has always had ups and downs but now its just got to the point where i think sod it, i wont line their pockets.

    through about 7 years of online gambling its been a lot of fun but nowadays all that fun has gone out the window.

    Years back I remember gambling was fair. If you won you could guarantee an easy, fast payment, and if you lost you would just laugh about it and of enjoyed the time playing.

    I can even recall playing at william hill casino 5 years back where you could actually download and print a reciept of your winnings at home and take it into any local william hill betting office to collect the money owed to you... how good was that? you win in the day, print a recipt and get paid in cash an hour later. Now on the subject of william hill casino theyve updated software and people are waiting a week or more to be paid and with the usual hassles.

    The problem now with casinos is simply greed. They will happily take your money with no questions asked, but as soon as you win, many problems come into play which makes you question if you will ever be paid. Tactics are used by them to tempt you into losing your winnings and often their temptations come into place...

    I can mention countless times when "reverse withdraw" has lost me cash... what purpose does it serve?.... none... apart from their efforts to get you to give your winnings back.

    In the last 3 years I have lost a lot of cash.. with very little cashouts... and half the time it has been because they have tempted me to give it back.

    From my last 3 experiences they were simply poor...

    VRC: Seem to think "flushing" is the same as doing nothing. Their systems put a withdraw back on my account because I didnt send back faxback forms quick enough, and $1000's of deposits have been made without a single withdraw, They have tightened up sooo much I barely made profit in any of thoese withdraws... the free chips have sunk to a whole new poor level, very high wr's and almost no point in bothering with them.

    Stanleys circus casino: Caused me to lose money before by telling me i hadnt met wr on a bonus... once i lost it all i was informed that the bonus was added by accident and if i had tried to withdraw via bank transfer it would of worked... then after losing over $100 there they refused to give me a free chip because I had recieved "too many bonuses" already (the only bonus i got from them was the "accidental bonus")

    Redbet: paid... but it was only when I asked hem to send my email to management that my birth certificate was accepted as ID

    What happened to the days of printing a winning slip and getting paid the same day? how can it be understandable that the last 3 casinos i dealt with all incurred problems.

    For me it used to be deposit, lose a lot of the time, then have a nice win, lose more, win a bit... of course overall be down but its been pathetic in the last 3 months... more than 20 deposits totaling well over over $1000... and 1 withdraw of barely $60 (which took a while to hit my bank)

    As of tomorrow im going to be changing all my emails due to the massive amount of spam i get to each daily from casinos (about 20 to each), degrading my bank card to a cash card only, and writing out a template email so i can close my account at every single casino i ever joined.

    I will still see if theres any cashback offers this week for me but come next week I wont be playing anywhere anymore :D
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  2. Kotsy

    Kotsy Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your post sparkz. Maybe you'll have
    some great offers this week and find the joy of
    playing again.

    Remember the good ole days and hassle free???
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  3. Ardilla

    Ardilla Well-Known Member

    Hi Sparkz,

    I can really understand you. I closed some accounts in the last months because of bad service. Be sure they will write you many emails "if you really want to close and you can easily reopen if you want, and tell them in another mail the reason until this they will not close"...bla bla.......finally I saw that theyy said it is closed, and just for fun I downloaded one of them again and it was still open....weeks later....

    If you continue playing maybe it is better for you to stay in one casino. I have chosen my casino now. If I withdraw (never win...lol) it is in my bank account app. within three days....this is a fair time in Europe....and it is just reversable for some hours.....not days, weeks or months.....

    The Spam is really horrible......I have millions of emails...:sad:
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  4. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    too true guys,

    its stupid these days with the spam. 1 casino could have your email, then within a week 20 more will have it. Often it gets spread or sold on and you have this excess of emails.

    It hasnt even been fun playing anymore. The very few ND bonuses I have recieved have had too high a wr and stupid rules. (like VRC.. often its high wr, then you must have at least the bonus amount or double in your account after meeting WR before you can cashout anything) Too many times recently I have done well on a ND bonus chip to begin with... multiplied it by 10 and still due to the extremely high wr have gone downhill and lost the lot.

    The sad thing is I cant even recall the last time I broke into profit. Typically on my last 20 or 30 deposits at all casinos I played at I would pretty much be robbed out of my cash... each time giving me up to 20 losing hands in a row of BJ, free spins which either dont win a thing or barely win my spin value and 10 or 20 losing spins in a row on a low varience slot.

    95% of casinos I have ever seen, heard of or played at do use rogue tactics to get you to part with your cash.

    Lets say about some advertising I saw earlier on facebook.

    the ad was something like "Deposit £1 and get £10 free to play our slots at paddy power casino" I clicked the ad out of curiosity and it took me to the landing page which cleary stated "deposit £10, and once you have wagered at least £1 we will credit £10 bonus to your account within 72 hours"... now how is that "deposit £1 and get £10 free"?... because it states on the website that your deposit has to be £10 at least and you must of wagered £1 of it to gain the £10 bonus

    In this example "paddy power" are a 100% legitimate, and reknown sportsbook/casino, however that is false and misleading advertising. If supermarkets advertised some food which said "buy £1's worth get £10's worth for free" and they then got to the till and were charged the full £10 but told they get £10's worth free after.. then that would be branded as false advertising and if trading standards were informed the supermarket would be forced to remove that advert and be fined £1000's.

    The only people that really stand a chance at hitting anything nice at a casino is rich people. The people with more money than sence and that can afford to bet in excess of £2 a spin. That vastly increases their chances of hitting big. Where they can afford to deposit £1000 a week, theres others that can afford just £50 a month... but its more often that not the lower value depositers are not cared about, you only win what you put in and for the £50 a month depositer its pointless risking £50 a month to win just a few £ since their bet value will be much lower and thus prizes for them will be lower.

    If I do continue to deposit I know it will just be more losses, casinos are tight nowadays...
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  5. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    pure crap bonuses this week as well...

    after i complained at vrc i got $100 bonus, typical shite, lasted 20 mins until it was gone on slots alone...

    then todays cashback... although its my 1st day of quitting gambling i knew i had that cashback to claim...and why should i miss out?

    less than 20 seconds after recieving my measly $15 cashback it was gone...

    Waste of my time...

    if im honest today is the day i walk away from the crapness of online gambling... and especially VRC where words cant ever physically describe how much i hate them as a casino and how much im happy to spead the word to every singly person i have refered there to never play there again... simple as...

    earlier today i walked into a "stand james" betting office... played their machine for a minute tops...walked out £10 up... profit.. right away, no waiting for payment,

    Its mainly VRC that has made me decide to quit gambling as i mention in numerous problems with them which has been more than i have ever had at any other casino..

    just wondering now can i get my account here closed/ip banned as well? as to be honest im sick of the sight of anything online gambling related
  6. Seaman63

    Seaman63 Well-Known Member

    I am sure we can help you with this, I will forward your wish to our admins asap.
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  7. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    *stan james :D

    umm yes please, its gone beyond the point of never wanting to gamble online again but to the stage where id rather never see any resemelance of the poor state of online gambling ever again (even if that means closing my social networking pages which contain gambling ads and not watching tv after a certain time where gambling ads come on)

    the only regret... giving my money to countless casinos like VRC who couldnt give a stuff about players as long as they are lining their own pockets with more cash than they need
  8. Marina

    Marina Administrator Staff Member

    Dear Sparkz, I am sorry you feel so.
    But yes, maybe it is the best you stay away from everything which has to do with gambling total for a while.

    I can ban you from our forum for always or for a specific time (Maybe 3 or 6 months).
    Please just let me know what you would like better.
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  9. Sparkz

    Sparkz Banned

    hmm i personally dont think i should stay away from gambling for a while as such...

    offline gambling = fine.. always nice, pleasent experience, losses are laughed at at wins are paid instantly... the way it should be... local casino/arcade owners are always more than happy to give me the best bonuses possible (£10 token freeplays, up to £50 match bonuses and plenty of other freebies) because i am always friendly and polite to staff and they always talk to me inside and outside work

    online gambling = too many rogues, will use any tactics to not pay winnings/get you to reverse and lose it all (system errors, reversing a flushed withdrawl, claiming they didnt recieve documents cause of email errors etc), are not as compassionate as they used to be when a player has lost loads, rude support staff, slow payouts when they do pay, questionable odds (had 20+ losing hands of BJ in a row in quick sucsession at 3 different casinos... surely that cant be the 0.000001% chance of that happening not just once but 3 times), poor bonuses that trick players (wasnt there a $500 bonus from a rival casino that you had to deposit $25 minimum and had 30 mins to meet wr where the only way wr could of been met that quick was to be $10 a spin+ and have double your original balance...aka no chance), no logic support staff (especially where "government id" is concerned where they wouldnt accept my birth certificate copy... as they were located in the uk they should know that the uk = no "government issued id cards"), misleading advertising, your details are passed on to many advertising agencys/other casinos and of course lots of regular spam emails.

    certainly after weighing up thoese pros and cons it shows offline gambling is the way. I dont play big cash and never expect a great lot of profit but isnt it strange how i can walk into a real casino with £100, play for hours and hours, end up with a bit of profit or a loss and leave with a smile. Online I end up banging my head against the wall thinking "how harsh is that not only did they unflush my withdraw, but they gave me a no deposit "appetiser" chip in the hope i play it, lose and then since i would be in gambling mode play my winnings and lose them all).

    My choice of quitting online gambling has been on the table for a while... but VRC of course put the line under it after poor bonuses for all my losses, inconsiderate support, unflushing my withdraw, then trying to feed rubbish to me by basically telling me that flushing on their new system is the same as not flushing so the withdraw is always reversible cause there to be losses each time...

    Im doing it by weighing out the pleasure and cost to finances and if i carried on gambling online i know in months to come i will lose £1000's with no withdrawls, I would sooner go to a real casino/arcade/bookmakers, play and actually have a win every 1 in 3 visits, and a smile everytime i leave

    Marina - probably best its a lifetime ban, because I see no reason to have anything to do with gambling online ever again, been ripped off too much and left with excuses too many times so my mind is set at never having anything to do with anything online gambling related again... none of them deserve my money :D


    cya guys!! TC :eek:hyesss:
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  10. Thrap

    Thrap Member

    :eek:hyesss: At last one unhappy punter has spoken, I think, for a lot of people recently. I totally agree with you buddy, I've already uninstalled over half my online casinos and blocked the emails which say " free fifty dollars, pounds, euros whatever, only to find you have to deposit half a months wage to claim it...and then have an impossible playthrough to get through....thats before you have the withdrawal problems as my fellow player describes above. When I get my next wage, I'll be driving to the nearest petrol station and heading off to my land based casino...at least if I win, I'll leave with something on the same night...no questions asked. Good luck with your new venture buddy
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